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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Ahem and Jigar work on office files in hall and hope that Urmila is fine. Rashi comes running with Gopi’s phone and asks Ahem to see cartoon movie with her. Gopi comes and scolds her to give back her phone. Ahem says let her see. Gopi gets tensed that he will see Meera’s vastra haran video, prays god to help her, and insists Rashi to come and sleep. Jigar also says same. Ahem asks them not to force Rashi and opens mobile to watch cartoon, but mobile switches off due to battery drain. Gopi thanks god and takes Rashi and mobile from there.

Someone at night silently gets into Gaura’s room, stucks her sari in cooler and keeps utensil near Gaura’s bed and leaves.

Madhuben steals Gopi’s mobile to see what she is hiding and is about to open it when Kokila sees her with mobile and asks what is she doing with Gopi’s mobile. Madhuben says she saw it here, so going to return it to Gopi. Kokila takes it and says she will give it. Madhuben gets sad thinking she could not see what is in it.

Gaura wakes up in the morning and steps her feet into vessel. She sees her sari stuck and tries to free it but falls and rolls down on floor. Her sari comes out completely. She reaches door and calls Dharam and Shravan for help.

Whole Modi famly sits for dinner. Kokila gives phone to Gopi and asks why did she keep her phone near window. Madhuben says she found it near window and gave it to Kokila. Gopi gets confused and says why will she keep it there. Madhuben gets nervous. Kokila watches her expressions silently. Hetal tells Madhuben that Sona is very hard working. Madhuben starts praising Sona and says she had friends in her city, but here she is feeling bored. Hetal says she should take her out then. Madhuben says what will she do with oldie like her, she needs a youngster friend like her. Tolu/molu come just then wearing party wear. Kinjal says it is their friend’s marriage today. Sona says she will accompany them. Tolu says she cannot come in village dress. She shouts what is wrong with this dress. Madhuben asks her to wear new dress. Sona says she will wear special chaniya choli. Molu asks it will not work. She goes and comes wearing beautiful sari. Family taunt Tolu that they will get him married and asks what type of girl he needs. He sees Sona and says just her, then says like daadi.

Meera and whole family come hearing Gaura’s shouting and see her on floor. Gaura thinks Urmila must have done this and she will not spare her. Meera dorns shawl on Gaura and Dharam removes her feet from vessel. Meera says she will apply balm on her feet. Gaura sends everyone out and locks door.

Urmila calls Kokila and tells her about Gaura’s punishment. Kokila says she sent her to protect her garanddaughters and not punish Gaura. Urmila says she did not do it and does not know who did it, but did right thing.

Precap: Gaura sprinkles water on Urmila and walks towards her with live wire to electrocute her.

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