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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th October 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gaura laughs on Vidya and continues her taunts. Vidya says she is her inspiration and the more she tortures her, more she will be strong.

While having breakfast, Tolu flirts with Sona. Madhuben watches that and smirks thinking her work is done even without any effort.

Meera sees goat wandering in garden and to trouble Vidya forces goat to eat Gaura’s grown plants in front of god’s idol. Gaura comes down singing and gets angry seeing it and picks cane to hit it. Vidya rescues goat on time and says it is an innocent animal. Gaura starts beating Vidya. Meera silently watches it and thinks it is punishment for troubling her. Vidya thinks she will see till when Meera will keep quiet. Gaura continues beating Vidya. Vidya holds cane at last and warns that if she troubles her more, she will call Kokila and she knows what Kokila can do. Gaura raises cane again to hit her. Shravan comes and breaks cane and says if she troubles Vidya again, he will leave this house with Vidya and Durga. Vidya asks him to stay out of it as it is her fight. Shravan says he is not asking her, he is informing her and says it is his duty to protect his wife and he will not spare whoever troubles his wife, not even Gauira.

Gaura fumes and thinks how dare Shravan is to confront her, she will ask Dharam to teach him a lesson. She calls Dharam, but his phone is out of reach. She then goes to Meera’s room and asks her to call her mother and grandma.

At modi bhavan, Kokila tells Gopi that she feels like talking to Meera and Vidya today. Just then Meera calls Gopi. Gopi asks how is she. Meera says she is her samdan and calls her vivan ji and tells she needs silver anklet which one vivan sends to another vivan. Gopi starts crying.

Precap: Gaura insults Kokila and Gopi.

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