Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th November 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th November 2016 Written Update

Radhika shed crocodile tears and tells Jaggi that Mangesh forced her to do all this, but she loves Jaggi a lot and will die without him. Urmila says look at her drama. Urvashi pulls Radhika and warns not touch her son. Radhika cries that they are a good family who feed poor people and do so much charity, they should spare even her, she got fooled by Mangesh. Urmila says look at her overacting, she should be sent to jail. Urvashi says yes. Radhika continues her drama. Urmila asks to call police. Jaggi says one minute maami aunty, he took oath on Gopi’s head that he will marry, he will marry Radhika or someone else. Gopi says what he needs. He says her answer.

Urmila asks Jaggi if he in his senses. Parag asks what is he doing. Kokila says he knows Radhika’s true colors now. Sona says they will not let him ruin his life. Jaggi says he wants to make a relationship and not break, so he has decided to give Radhika a second chance. Kokila says they all want him to stop ruining hiself. Jaggi says Gopi played a blank game without his consent, he did not get his love, so he will marry either Radhika or Gopi. Gopi says if he will mary a thief, she will not let him do this. Urvashi says Radhika is unfit for him. Jaggi says the one is capable has turned her face. Gopi in Hemalini’s style asks Jaggi ji what do you need. Jaggi says her answer, if she will marry him not. Gopi shouts she will not marry him. He says he will decorate his life now, though he will not have Gopika named music in his life. Kokila shouts he is a fool to think of marrying Gopi, she agrees Gopi gave oath to marry Radhika, but everyone of us know that Radhika is a bad girl and marrying her is his life’s most foolish act. Jaggi says he is fool, that is why Gopi is away from him, if he was adamant, Gopi would have been with him. Kokila shouts Jaggi….

Urmila repeats not to make mistake. Parag says Radhika is unfit for him. Samar and Sahir say they will not let him ruin his life. Urvashi pleads Gopi to save her son’s life, she knows she insulted her a lot, but she should do a charity to her by marrying Jaggi. Kokila says marriage is not a game, she cannot force Gopi like this. Gopi drops bomb remoye control thread and walks to home temple. Jaggi holds Radhika’s hand and asks panditji to start mantras outside as mantap is made of camphor. He goes away from mantap and sits in front of havan with Radhika.

Gopi prays god what she should do. Urvashi pleads Kokila to stop Jaggi. Urmilaa asks what is he doing. Jaggi asks Panditji to start rituals. Gopi reminisces Jaggi being on her side always and his moral gyaans and prays god not to let this injustice happen, she cannot think of anyone except Ahemji. Panditji continues mantras and asks Jaggi and Radhika to stand up for pheras. Gopi runs towards them dropping vase on the way and shouts stop it, Jaggi will not marry Radhika. She says Jagggi always was with her as a friend, now it is her duty to stop Jagggi doing wrong, she is ready to marry Jaggi. Radhika and Modi family are shocked.

Precap: Radhika with Manghes switches on bomb, warns not to come near them and escape. Jaggi picks bomb and runs out. Urvashi shouts Jaggiiiiii..

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