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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2016 Written Update

The episode begins with Durga shocked to discover Dharam lying in the store room
She drops the lantern with shock
She calls him, tries to touch him n wake him up.
She weeps and thanks the lord for saving her suhaag.
She realizes Modis were right , she could never imagine inher wildest dreams maaji would do this . She weeps, suddenly Gaura arrives and Durga is surprised .
Durga gets scared but Gaura says now that she knows she should be happy and wipe her tears, she had done this for her , she wanted to punish that bade ghar ki beti Meera , now after Meera was done to death they could live happily .
Durga hesitates and Gaura says they will get Dharam back after few days , asks Durga tomrest and to keep this secret .
Durga leaves the store room on insistense by Gaura .

The modis are seen tied and bound to the pillars of the hall of Gaura’s house . Gopi weeps time was ticking away , how would theu save meera ??
Kokila says they had to think of how to reach Court in time. How to escape , none would give up hope .

At Modi house, Vidya and Baa are praying to the lord Kanha all night with 108 lighted diyas. Baa supports and encourages Vidya that meera wouls surely return . Baa talks about how meera was excited about Vidya’s child . She misses her husband . Baa assures her husband too would come to take her back .

Kokila struggles to free herself and gets cut and starts bleeding. Gopi prays to kanha ji to help them next moment Durga comes and unties Gopi , Dharam.
Modis are shocked. Koki whispers that she knew Durga believed Dharam was alive
Next moment Gaura arivesa and beats , slaps and tortures Durga .

Durga is unable to tolerate the tortured and insults , taunts of Gaura any more. She gets up amd gives Gaura one tight slap
Gaura is shocked. Modis are in smiles .
Gaura tries to beat, torture, manhandle Durga . Gaura calls her goons Durga smashes a door pane and she picks up broken glass piece amd holds it at Gaura’s neck amd threatens to kil her if she uttered another word against her or modis Or the goons moved
Modis are in smiles watching Gaura’s shock Durga holds the glass piece at Gaura’s necka dmorders Gaira to untoe tue Modis. Ad Gopi os untied she releases the rest .
Durga Gaura confrontation continues .
Durga tells them Dharam Was in store room , they could take him .
Modis swing into action .

Gurga retorts Gaura that she was scheming woman and she was a shame on all mothers, she could kill,her own son for her greed, revenge , for plotting the murder of innocent Meera ,

Gaura says how could she take Meera’s side she was her sautan ??
Durga says what ever name they gave her rishtaa woth Meera she was not bothered , she knew Meera had loved Dharam with true heart.
Next moment Ahem is seen carrying unconscious Dharam on shoulder , gaura throws Durga away , orders her goons to fight the Modis
Fight breaks between Ahem carrying Dharam, the Modis and the Gaura’s goons .
Gopi, Koki try to look for a transport to take Dharam to court .

Precap for tomorrow
Finally Kokila amd Gooi carry Dharam on a scooty with side carriage amd sppeed towards court . At prison Meera is being prepared for hanging , she calls Dharam ji

Written Update by Sutapasima

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