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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Kokila tells family that Sona will do morning aarti from today. Gopi says Kokila is right, Sona has to take responsibility at some point. Kokila takes key bunch from Gopi’s waist herself. Key bunch falls down. Kokila picks it and Gopi senses something wrong on her neck. Kokila hides it with shawl. Hetal asks Kokila how can she take any decision without her consent. Gopi calms her by says same that Sona has to take responsibility anytime.

Gaura goes to Dharam’s room and sees him sitting in dark. She switches on light and asks why is he behaving like Devdas and asks him to go and take care of business consignment. Dharam says he is not well and goes out. Gaura thinks Meera is ruining Dharam and she has to do something.

Gopi serves breakfast to family. Kokila asks where is Meera. Dharam says she did not come down. Kokila shouts as a grandmother she scolded Meera and she took it wrongly. Gopi serves onion pakoras and garlic chutney. Kokila shouts if she is taking revenge and says when she knows she does not like garlic and onion, she purposefully served it. Gopi apologizes and says she will change plate. Kokila walks from there.

Meera tells Gopi that she knows Dharam can do anything for him, so she will file divorce from him. Lawyer comes and takes her signatures.

Gaura prays god to show her some way. Door bell rings and Gaura runs to open door thinking god sent her help so early. Lawyer comes in and says he came from Meera’s side with divorce papers and wants Dharam’s signatures. Dharam burns papers and says he will never file divorce. Gaura beats lawyer with slippers and he runs. Urmila taunts that she called her mad, but she is real mad

Meera continues talking to Gopi. Kokila comes shouting at Gopi how dare she is to send divorce papers to Gaura’s house. Hetal and other family members are shocked. Kokila continues shouting.

Precap: Kokila removes her jewelry and shouts at Gopi that she will take revenge for forcing to leave her house. Police arrest and take Kokila with them.

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