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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

The Episode starts with Meera stopping Dharam from hurting himself and hugs him. Everyone is shocked. Dharam’s first wife gets shocked and cries. Meera hugs him asking him not to do it. Dharam looks at her teary eyes. Gaura cries thinking her plan has back fired. Ahem comes to Meera’s room and looks at the room and stuff. He misses Meera and gets teary eyes recalling her. A fb is shown. Meera puts ointment on Dharam’s back and asks why did you do this. Dharam says what I would have done, should I get you punished instead. He says if you was hurt then I would be pained. Meera is shocked.

She feels guilty and realizes Dharam loves her a lot, and that’s why can’t see her in pain. Kokila shows the stuff to Hetal and says she is sure that Samar and Sahil’s alliance will be fixed soon. Just then she gets Urmila’s call. Kokila informs her that Samar and Sahil got alliance of twin sisters. Urmila gets excited. Kokila informs her that Samar and Sahil went to see the sisters. Kokila says we are getting old, but Urmila jokes that she is young as usual. She asks about dowry. Kokila says she is against dowry and don’t need anything except good life partners for them. She disconnects the call. Urmila thinks she forgot to inform Kokila, and then thinks she can’t tell and fade away Kokila’s happiness.

Meera is confused and thinks about Dharam’s love for her. Vidya comes to her and says I know that you didn’t try to kill Gaura, and says if she loves Dharam. Meera asks what nonsense. She says Gaura would have proved right if she wouldn’t have confessed love to Dharam. She says I went with my plan. Vidya asks if it was her plan. Meera tells her that she is having headache and asks her to leave. Vidya thinks she saw love in Meera’s eyes for Dharam. Meera wonders why she felt pain seeing dharam in pain. She questions herself and then dismiss her thought. Sona cries and hurts her hand. Kokila comes and sees her hand injured. She bandages her hand and asks why she got shocked hearing them and the plate falls from her hand. She assures to support her and asks what is the matter.

Madhuben comes and taunts her indirectly. Kokila says I know you want to hurt my family. Madhuben asks Sona to go out as she wants to talk to Kokila. Gopi looks for Samar and Sahil. She talks to Ahem about Meera. He remiscences their daughters’ childhood. Gopi says she has missed their childhood and gets sad. Ahem says it will never come back. Gopi says coming time will be good. Kokila tells Madhuben that you are wearing a mask on your face and I, Kokila Modi will unveil your truth infront of everyone. She says if anyone gets hurt by you then I will kick you out of house. Madhuben says so you are threatening me, and asks her to threaten her infront of Gopi. She removes her specs and challenges Kokila.

Gopi asks Samar if he loves someone, and asks him to say. He declines. Gopi thinks he can see clearly in his eyes that he is not happy with this alliance.

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