Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2016 Written Update

Gopi tells Jaggi that he is thinking right. He asks her to get pakoras for him now. She goes to kitchen. Jaggi thinks he explained her so well, even then she did not understand much. Urmila gives him microphone and says he should fix it in his ear, whenever he does overacting, she will alert him. He says she does not know his acting skills.

Jaggi dresses as Ahem and meets Mansi in living room. Mansi says she is wearing his favorite color sari. Jaggi srarts romantic chat. Urmila hearing his conversation with Tolu and Molu on phone via microphone says he is overacting again. He hears that and asks what…Mansi says she did not say anything. He says he can hear his name in her breaths.

Gopi stands in balconry trying Vidya and Meera’s numbers. Mansi sees her and asks Ahem/Jaggi to push Gopi down from balcony if he really loves him. Urmila with Tolu/Molu listens that. Jaggi asks what to do now. Urmila asks to do what Mansi says. Tolu/molu silently spread bed on floor. Jaggi pushes Gopi from behind and she falls down shouting. Tolu, Molu, and Urmila silently take Gopi to her room. Jaggi/Ahem goes back to Mansi and says what else he has to do to prove his love for her. Mansi says she knows his love is pure for her. He says he is going, smoke starts and he leaves. Mansi calls Ahem..Ahem…Premila comes. Mansi thinks whenever mom comes, Ahem leaves. Premila takes her to room and Mansi says her and Ahem’s love is pure, so only she can see Ahem. Premila thinks Mansi is getting illusions again, whom to take help from even Krishna is out of station. She calls her friend and asks to arrange holy gathering.

Urmila sees Gopi got leg cramp after falling from balcony. Mansi comes and Gopi starts writhing in pain. Mansi gets happy and thinks Gopi always escapes death, when will she die. Gopi is taken to hospital by Urmila and Tolu/Molu. Pari watches them going out. Jaggi comes back and Pari inofrms him that Gopi is taken to hospital. Jaggi thinks because of him, Gopi is injured.

Meera and Naiya finalize wedding card. Dharam comes and Naiya asks him to finalize wedding card. Vidya hears that and thinks when card is finalized already, why is Naiya asking Dharam again, she must be up to something.

Gopi comes back from hospital with bandage on her leg. She tells Urmila that to get property papers back, they are playing with Mansi’s emotions, Mansi really loves Ahem. Jaggi comes and holding Gopi’s leg apologizes tht because of hi, she is in trouble. Gopi asks him to leave her legs. He continues. Once he leaves, Premila comes and says a lot of weird things are happening in this house, so she is planning to keep a pooja.

Precap: Urmila says Gopi if their plan goes well, Premila will believe that Jaggi and Ahem are 2 different people. Gopi this they should not make make any mistake this time. Urmila says no…Gopi sees someone and stops.

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