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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2015 Written Update

Gaura holds Kokila hands and asks her to come. Gopi and Jigar ask her to leave Kokila’s hand. Gaura takes Kokila to room where Karunesh’s photo with garland is hanged on the wall. Kokila says Karunesh. Gaura says Gopi saw this same photo on sangeet day, he is my brother Karunesh. She says your small thing killed my brother.She suggests you may have punished him for the mistake which he didn’t do at any time. You may have blamed him with the crime he didn’t do Which’s why he couldn’t bear and burnt himself. Kokila states This could’t be doable. Gaura states you blamed him, but then didn’t turn back again. Kokila states I noticed Karunesh pulling my sister Jigna’s dupatta and imagined she is fidgeting with her regard. She claims it absolutely was villagers decision to toss you outside of villagers. She states when Jigna advised me that it was not true and Karunesh is innocent. I arrived managing to you personally, however you all were being previously left. Gaura asks her to stop her acting and suggests villagers threw them from village. She suggests Karunesh took us to several villages, but no person gave him work and allow them to remain in the village. She claims Karunesh under no circumstances noticed any Woman, however you blamed him for molestation. She suggests my courageous brother decided to die a coward Loss of life.

Gaura says I’ve observed my brother screaming and burning in fireplace and couldn’t do something. Kokila apologizes and claims her motive wasn’t Erroneous. Kokila attempts to contact Karunesh’s Photograph, but Gaura stops her. She tells her that she was blinded with a single eye due to hearth where Karunesh was died. She claims people would behave together with her poorly due to her eye defect. Kokila remembers Gopi indicating that Karunesh is dead. She claims whatever my bahu stated was……….Dharm claims it is true. Gaura wears lens in her eye. Kokila says my best friend came to get revenge on me. Gaura suggests proper, And that i acquired succeed. She displays the kalash and claims I ties Rakhi on this kalash. Kokila says This could certainly’t be legitimate. Gaura suggests This is often genuine, your bahu tried to stop the marriage ceremony, however , you didn’t pay attention. Kokila attempts to contact the Picture, but Gaura stops her and claims you are his murderer.

Kokila suggests I in no way assumed that our Karunesh………Gaura says Karunesh isn’t yours, but only mine Kokila Modi….She suggests I mustn’t have authorized you to return to his sacred area. She throws her outside of space. Ahem asks how dare you to thrust my mum. Dharm says Permit the Ladies converse. Kokila claims why did you take revenge from my grand daughters. She states you should have punished me and provides me Demise. Kokila says I want to see you die on a daily basis, the same as I experienced for my relatives. Everyone seems to be stunned.

Gaura asks in which is Kokila Modi? She claims you are so egoistic that you named your son Ahem, but sadly I’ve damaged your Ahem and ego. Ahem states my mom’s ahem and ego are alive. Gaura states even your samdhan Urmila warned you, but you didn’t listen to her. She asks Kokila to take a look at her face and states you are hunting like sucked mango. Ahem asks her to get in her boundaries. Gaura states my everyday living will not be remaining for being in limitations. She says you explained that the and Gopi bahu relation is like hindi movies therefore you both equally fully grasp one another without having stating. She asks if almost everything completed. She states you could’t Handle Other folks with your make up, kajal and bindi. She claims your affliction is even worse than the usual servant today. Dharm claims wow, you said proper. Ahem, Jigar, Gopi and Kokila are stunned. Ahem warns Gaura to stop else………………………Dharm says then what…Ahem bhai. Gaura suggests ahem is your sasur. Dharm states it has become complicated. Gaura tells Kokila that Gopi’s two daughter lifestyle was ruined thanks to your stupidity.

Kokila apologizes to Gaura with folded hands. Gaura pushes her and makes her fall. Ahem and Gopi hold her. Vidya and Meera looks on shockingly.

Written Update By Sahir


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