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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th August 2016 Written Update

Dharam calls security and asks them to take Gopi in and kick out imposters Kokila and Urmila. Kokila says Gopi is not mad. Krishna says she is and asks security again to kick out imposters. Kokila shouts he is not doing right while being dragged out.

Doctor checks Naiya and comes down with Vidya. Dharam asks how is her daughter. Doc says his daughter is pregnant. Dharam is shocked hearing this. He angrily leaves followed by inspector.

Kokila calls lawyer home who says since Gopi is proved mentally unstable, she cannot get divorce from Krishna. Tolu asks if he is sure there is no other way. He says no. Urmila says lawyer they will call him back if needed. Lawyer leaves. Sona says Krishna has god’s name, but does evil acts. Kokila says that being

a mother, she pushed her daughter into hell. Urmila say it is not her mistake, it is Krishna’s mistake. Tolu and Sona say they will save Gopi at any cost.

Mansi gies electric shock to Gopi. Gopi feels very weak and pleads to let her go. Mansi says she was waiting for this moment since 10 years and imagined her in this situation many times, today seeing her in this condition directly, she is feeling very relaxed. She spent 2.5 years in same kind a room and same electric chair, Gopi will have to spend her whole life. Gopi says she should be afraid of god, else she will repent. Mansi says where was her god when she waas suffering, nobody will come.

Jaggi enters home silently at 4 a.m. thinking his mother must have slept, but she switches on light and shows broom. He asks if she did not sleep yet. She asks how can she when she lost 5000 rs because of him. He says she can feed him methi parantha instead of broom. She runs behind him and asks to earn 5000 rs first. He asks to throw broom. He leaves telling Jaggi Jugadu will come back with 5000 rs. She smiles at his pic.

Kokila sits crying. Urmila says she cannot lose hope like this. Kokila says she is unable to gather hope. Urmila says if Ahem would have been alive, this would not have happened at all, Kanhaji will send us someone for help. Kokila says she is going to meet someone special and leaves.

Urvashi cleans home yelling at Jaggi. Kokila comes. Urvashi asks if she came back to scold her. Kokila says she needs to talk something important. Urvashi asks what she needs. Kokila says she needs her son Jaggi. Urvashi says she always come to take and does not give at all. Kokila says she will take Jaggi to her home for some days and will give whatever she asks . Urvashi says she is expert in business, what she will give this time. Kokila says whatever she asks. Urvashi says she does not need anything, Modi family lives together but fights always, she is better living a simple life. Kokila says Jaggi. Urvashi says she can take him if he comes with her. Kokila asks where is Jaggi.

Shravan asks Naiya why did she do this. Vidya says papaji did not return since yesterday. Dhharam comes holding Prakash’s collar and dragging him like a kitten. He warns him that he bailed him back as he does not want his family name spoilt, but if he does anything wrong, he will kill him. Prakash sees Naiya’s injured hand and says if she tries to harm herself again, he will kill her. They both hug each other emotionally.

Kokila goes to temple and sees Jaggi there, imagines Ahem. Jaggi takes money from disciples for fast darshan. Kokila thinks he looks like Ahem, but his character is opposite. Kokila says she has work for him, if he will. He says he is getting money without hard work, so he will not come, he has already a mother and does not need another taunting home, asks to leave and not disturb him.

Precap: Kokila says Urmila she went to save Gopi and tried her last resort. Urmila sees Jaggi and gets afraid

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