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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gopi tells Kokila that she always considered her as mother and thought her heaven is under her feet, but she insulted her in front of everyone. She cannot believe her maaji can do this. She always protected her when she made mistakes. She is wrong this time and she insulted a mother, not her bahu.

Kokila complains Ahem that Gopi insulted her in front of him and he kept quiet. Ahem says she brought up Gopi well and did good, but did wrong by boasting about her favors. Kokila starts shouting again.

Meera runs to her room and whole family follows her. Ahem and Gopi ask her to come out. Meera says she will not as she is reason for all the problems. Ahem and Gopi say consequences are to be blamed and not her. Kokila shouts that Meera is a culprit. Madhuben asks how can she insult Gopi and Meera so much. Kokila shouts to stay away from her family.

Ahem and Gopi insist Meera and she comes out and hugs Ahem. Dharam says he will take Meera now. Gopi says the circumstances he married Meera are different and Meera is confused, so it is better for them to separate. Dharam says he cannot thinking of staying away from Meera. Gaura comes playing damru and says she knew they would insult her son, so she came here. She tells Meera that she is her bahu and has to come with her. Gopi says relationships are not forced and are followed by heart. Dharam says sasuma is right and says Gaura let us go. Gaura insists to take Meera and forces her. Ahem with Jigar stops her and asks Jigar to kick her out. Dharam shouts not to insult his mom, else he will kill him and then says when he cannot tolerate his mother’s insult, how can he and says he will take Meera only when is ready.

Precap: Kokila tells Gopi that she will perform aarti from today.

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