Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th October 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th October 2016 Written Update

Urvashi thinks she got a tag of second woman and does not want same tag in Jaggi’s life. In Kokila’s room, Urmila discusses why Meera took so many sleeping pills, she did wrong. Kokila says nobody can understand what Meera is going through. Urvashi passes by and hears their conversation. Urvashi then goes to Jaggi and says he is not taking proper care of Gopi. He asks what happened. She says Gopi is weak, but roaming around whole house taking care of family. She gives him sleeping pill lying as ayurvedic multivitamin and asks him to give it to Gopi. Jaggi says Gopi is already taking so many medicines and will not take it. She asks to give it somehow if he really wants to see her healthy. He goes to Gopi’s room and with her regular medicines mixes Urvashi’s given medicine and gives it to her. Gopi takes pils and falls asleep.

In the morning, Pari prepares tea and thinks Gopi did not get up for pooja, breakfast, etc., and it is already late. She goes to Gopi’s room with tea and wakes her up. Gopi wakes up. Pari says she slept so long, Vidya had called and informed that Meera tried to suicide by consuming sleeping pills. Gopi panics hearing and sees Vidya’s missed calls on her mobile. She thinks ow can she sleep so much. Urvashi enters and says Jaggi wanted to take ayurvedic pill but took her sleeping pill instead. Gopi fumes.

Meera informs family that she needs a baby via surrogacy. Family is shocked. Dharam says he will not agree for it. She in her usual loud shouting and warns Dharam that her words are final.

Jaggi gets family photo framed and brings home. He shows it to Gopi. Gopi ignores and asks if he mixed pill in her regular pills. He says yes. She angrily breaks photoframe and shouts beause of him, she slept long and could not speak to her daughter when her daughter needs her most. Jaggi gets angry and asks her to stop blamin him, she reacts to whatever she understands and comes to a conclusion without hearing other person. He angrily goes to his room.

Gopi speaks to Meera who tells about her plan of using sorrogate mother for a baby. Gopi says it is a good idea and tells criteria to choose surrogate mother that mother should be physically strong and mentally fit as no woman would like to part ways with her child. She continues her moral gyaan. Meera silently listens and thanks her.

Urmila goes to Jaggi’s room and seeing him fuming asks if he really loves Gopi or doing time pass. Jaggi fumes more. Urmila says his and her jodi gets well as their thoughts match like her and her daughter Rashi’s used to match. They used to understand each other’s words without speaking and whenever any problem would arise, they used to solve it together. She suggests hm he has to something to calm Gopi.

Precap: Jaggi gives diwali gift to Kokila annd then walks towards Gopi’s room with a gift box. Uravashi steals Gopi’s gift and is about to leave when Gopi comes out of washroom and sees her.

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