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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th November 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gaura tells Meera that she can go to her parents’ house tonight, but before that she has to prepare annakoot prasad as per family rituals, which usuall new bahu prepares. Meera says new bahu is Vidya. Gaura says Vidya is Meera’s bahu and Meera is her bahu, so she is ordering Meera. This pooja will bring wealth and prosperity to their house. She should even wear sari during pooja and not wear short dresses. Dharam says baa is right, she should perform this pooja for his prosperity and wealth. Meera says if he is telling, she will do it and will even wear sari. Dharam gets happy. Gaura thinks she will not let Meera wear her dad’s gifted short dresses.

Vidya tells Meera that she is doing wrong by luring Dharam to take revenge from Gaura. Meera says she knows what she is doing and does not need Kokila Modi or Gopi Modi’s help now.

Gopi while cleaning temple tells god’s idol that he is god and does not do mistakes, but she is human and made many mistakes and counts how she killed her sister, got her daughters married in a wrong house, etc.. and says she should get punishment for all her sins and not her family. She continues crying..

Gaura calls neighbor girls for anna koot pooja and asks Gaura to get in touch with her bahu to get ready prasad. Gaura phone calls Meera and suggests she has created all the preparations and perhaps named videographer to capture celebration. Neighbor asks if her bahu can grind prasad. Meera states she is going to. Gaura asks her to grind wheat on outdated stone grinder. Meera normally takes wheat bag in garden. Gaura asks if she will get energy with Solar rays like in Koi milgaya Motion picture and mimics jaadooo. Meera brings automated grinder and says previous manual days are gone now, she will use this 1. Dharam praises her that she is making use of brain and inceasing their relatives values. Gaura says her family ritual is bahus grind wheat with their arms. Meera claims she is going to increase wheat in a single hand and select flour from A further, why really should she sweat. Men and women start praising Meera.

Gaura helplessly praises Meera and asks her to begin. Meera switches on grinder and provides wheat. Gaura neatly sends Vidya, Dharam and Durga from there and in lieu of incorporating wheat in grinder stucks Meera’s pallu in grinder. Meera shouts for help though Gaura smirks.

Precap: Meera’s sari gets removed by grinder and she holds her hands to cover her modesty. Videographer records the incident.

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