Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th November 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th November 2016 Written Update

Gopi helps Jaggi fix his bracelet and walks. He smiles seeing her leaving. Urvashi sees that and warns him to stop looking at Gopi and concentrate on his marriage now.

Meera shouts and yells at Dharam without any reason. Dharam asks why she is yelling unnecessarily. She yells if he does not to do anything properly, he should not try. Dharam confronts what else he should do for her happiness, she needed a child and he agreed even for that and agreed for surrogacy. He walks out fuming. Chanda then praises Meera that she is going on a right path. Meera cries.

Urmila with all family members plan how to find and save Urmila. She reminds each family member their duty and walks with Vidya to search Kokila in house. They both search and don’t find Kokila. Parag also searches and says Kokila is no where. Rest of family members attend wedding. Gopi goes to get remote from Sona’s neck chain. Sona tells Pari and Sahir to watch how she will tackle goons as she was also big thief before marriage. She goes and lures goon with her sensuous moves and then sprays sleeping spray on him. He falls down unconscious. She signals Sahir and Pari and they all 3 hide goon and target another goon.

Urmila, Vidya, Parag and Shravan enter store room seeing someone coming and hide in cartoon boxes. Veena/enters holding food and opens cupboard. They all 4 are shocked to see Kokila in cupboard. Veena feeds Kokila forcefully and says she will die soon and her kanhaji will not help her as he is taking kanhaji. He locks back cupboard and leaves. They all come out and ask Kokila not to worry they came to free her. Parag and Vidya ask Shravan to break cupboard door. Urmila says if they break door, Veena will get alerted and come back here, then Radhika will press remote button.

Radhika wearing bridal dress gets heavily inebriated and asks Gopi to get more liquor and laughs that she is thinking of settling in this house after marrying Jaggi and after sometime Gopi will be idol thief. Jaggi after finishing pooja asks Urvashi where is Gopika. Panditji asks if bride’s name is Radhika or Gopika. Urvashi says she will come. Radhika continues briefing her plan to Gopi and suggests her to marry Jaggi, their jodi will be like Bunty and Babli’s.

Precap: Jaggi asks Gopi to give garland from her hand and finish rest of rituals. Gopi holds garland.

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