Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2016 Written Update

Gopi tells Jigar that she is about to talk to Mr. Sharma about the guarantor. Jigar gets angry and asks her to go away from his room. He says you are not Gopi Modi now, my brother is dead and our relation is over. Pari says Jigar is already tensed, what did you get by all this. Gopi gets sad. Kokila assures her that things will be alright soon. Later Jigar searches for something. Pari asks what? Jigar says I need your jewellery to mortgage it, and asks if she will give. Pari says you had objection when Kokila was mortgaging jewellery. Jigar shouts if you will give me jewellery or not. Pari gives him jewellery. He thinks he don’t need any guarantor. Pari thinks Jigar took away all his life, thinks Gopi is the root of problem, dad got recovered now but now. She goes after Jigar. Mona sees
Tolu and Molu laughing and giving hi five happily. She shows them to Pari. Pari and Mona say together, nothing is good with us.

Gopi gives jal amrit to mummy ji. She says I am keeping puja, and asks if you have forgiven me for yesterday. Gopi says you didn’t do anything. Mummy ji says whatever I said, my words were bitter, but I mean right. She gives her example and asks her to forget the past and start a new life with her son Krishna, else these things will happen with Jigar again. She says I heard everything and asked Krishna to be silent. She asks her to come with her being Raheja bahu. She says I gave you one month’s time so that you can complete the work and not because people shall insult you. Gopi thinks she is still connected with Ahem, how to accept new relations.

Kokila gives flowers to Gopi to make mala. Gopi says okay and asks her to check the work. She is making mala. Pari removes the gloves and says when this scorpion bites you, then you will realize my pain. She says Jigar was forced to sell my jewellery, because of you. Gopi shouts as the scorpion bites her. Kokila asks if you are fine. Sona asks what happened? Gopi says my finger hit with tokri’s wood string. Pari is angry as scorpion didn’t bite her.

Kokila asks Gopi to take care of herself. Krishna says I will bring first aid box. Gopi says no, and says I will do my bandage, it is small wound. Sahil apply bandage. Urmila asks God why did he hurt Gopi, who was making his mala only. Mona says still there is a chance. Jai and Veeru come running there. Gopi sees Sona coming from opposite side, and is about to collide with them. She protects Sona from falling. Urmila scolds them and says she will lock them in room. Gopi explains to Jai and Veeru to maintain distance from Sona and take care of their siblings. Sahil scolds them politely. He asks Sona to go for check up. Sona says Gopi Maa have saved her and she is fine. Pari thinks to hurt Gopi.

Nayya asks her boyfriend if he brought her stuff. He says yes. Nayya gets happy seeing the stuff. Her boyfriend asks what is her plan? Nayya says time has come to execute the plan. Pari and Mona waiting for the scorpion to bite Gopi as she is making mala. Kokila comes and asks Gopi to leave mala as she has brought pearls mala. Mona says she ruins our plan everytime. Kokila calls everyone for the puja. She prays to God for Sona’s safety and says she is your responsibility now. Krishna’s mum asks Gopi, if she has no responsibility towards Sona. Krishna says Gopi takes care of Sona very much. Krishna’s mum says I said what I felt. She asks her for oil. Kokila asks Gopi, why she is upset with her talk. Gopi says she said right, I should take care of Sona. Urmila asks Gopi not to take her words on heart. Kokila says she don’t know you, once she knows you then she will understand that you are a responsible person.

Gopi is checking a file. Pari and Mona wait for the scorpion to bite her. They see scorpion moving towards Gopi’s hand and wait anxiously.

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