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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th December 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Vidya asks gaura to open the door. Madhuben is in the room and threatens Gaura. Urmila asks what happened? Madhuben tells her to say that her hand is heavy. Gaura says this woman’s hand is heavy. Madhuben tells Gaura that Kokila sent Urmila to protect her grand daughters. Gaura says she understands everything. Madhuben asks Gaura not to tell what she said just now and says you will come to me asking me to help you, when you comes to know about the truth. Gaura says I will never call you or ask your help. Gaura comes out of room and talks to herself. vidya and Urmila think that Gaura has gone mad.

Gopi comes to Ahem and tells that Jigar is waiting for him in the meeting. Ahem says he don’t want to go. Gopi says I said that I will not listen to you, gives his suit and asks to get ready. Ahem says why do you want me to go to office? Gopi says I am sending you to office so that when Meera returns home, she sees you same as before. Kokila comes. Ahem greets her and leaves. Kokila says we have to make Ahem like before. Gopi says he will be normal soon. Kokila asks about the alliance for Samar and Sahil. Gopi says she talked to them and there are not seeing any girl. Kokila says we will see the girls and look in the matter. She asks if Madhuben came. Gopi says no and asks if she has any work with her. Kokila says no and looks on.

Kokila searches for something in Madhuben’s room and finds a photo. Madhuben comes and asks what you are doing in my room. Kokila reminds her that this is her house and she can go to any room with her wish. She asks where did you go all day. Madhuben says she went to temple and asks why she is questioning her. Kokila says so that I could find out about your intentions. She shows the photo and asks why did she mark on Gopi’s photo. Madhuben acts and says she want to see Gopi first and that’s why marked on her photo. She requests her to stop doubting her? Kokila asks do you have only one pic of Gopi. Madhuben says yes. She thinks she got beaten in Gaura’s home, and now Kokilaa is insulting her. Kokila thinks there is something wrong for sure as Madhuben lied that she has one pic of Gopi.

Meera pretends to sleep before Dharam comes to room so that he don’t come near her. Dharam comes and splashes flowers on her, says he has brought it for her. Meera says she is feeling sleepy. Dharam says we have to think what Baa asked us. He hugs her. Meera tickles her and runs. Dharam says you have to come back to me and laughs. Meera thinks to go to Vidya’s room. She peeps in her room and sees her sleeping beside Shravan. She thinks she shall sleep in Urmila’s room. Shravan looks at Vidya.

Samar writes love letter to Sona and expresses his love. He asks her to say if she loves him. He says he will talk to family if she says yes. He asks her to wear the dress which he is sending her. Gaura pushes Meera and she falls down. Gaura asks why you are running out of game. She says what happened today? You pretend to love my son. When you was in cradle, that time I was doing politics. She says I will trap you in your own lie.

Gaura tells Meera that you can do anything to win. Meera says I am not like you that can do anything to win. She holds her hand and warns her.

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