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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th April 2016 Written Update

Inspector arrests Gopi and Kokila and takes them van. Gopi pleads inspector to let find Dharam and prove themselves innocent, else her daughter Meera will be hanged. They did mistake by not informing police. Kokila says they could not as they did not have time and had to reach court to prove their and Meera’s innocence.

Court hearing continues. Gaura’s lawyer continues alleging Meera that she slapped her grandmother’s aged mother-in-law. Meera says it was by mistake. Lawyer says she is lying. Durga gets up and shouts that she killed Dharam ji and never loved him. Meera says she loved him always.

Gaura reaches home and sees people watching her house’s broken gate. She wrapes Dharam in shawl and takes him via back door.

Shravan says judge he wants to tell something. Judge asks him to come in dias. Shravan alleges that Meera in deed threatened whole family and killed his father. Meera says she did not. Durga comes in dias and shouts her husband prayed Meera like a goddess, but she killed him. Meera shouts she did not and Dharam is alive. Pari says Jigar that they should inform judge that Dharam is alive. Jigar says they cannot without any proof. Judge pronounces Meera guilty and orders to hang her tomorrow at 9 a.m. Ahem pleads judge to give wrong judgement as Dharam is alive. Judge leaves. Meera requests Dharam to come soon. Ahem asks Meera not to worry. Gaura’s lawyer smirks and says judgement is done already. Ahem gets angry. Inspector takes Meera and Ahem from there. Hetal cries vigorously. Urmila says Gopi and Kokila did not come yet, Gaura must have done something. Jigar calls Gopi and Kokila and their phones are switched off. He says Kokila told they are bringing Dharam to court and must be in trouble.

Inspector takes Gopi and Kokila’s phones. Gopi says Dharam is alive and Gaura has hidden him to punish Meera. Constable says Meera is given death sentence.

Gaura with her puppets bringsDharam to store room and makesh im sleep on a cot. She sends all puppets out. She sits next to unconscious Dharam and says she wants to save him from dayan Meera. She gets Shravan’s message that Meera is given death sentence and thanks her god, and starts dancing.

Gopi and Kokila say constable that she is mistaken. Inspector brings Ahem and says Ahem is arrested for trying to beat advocate. Jigar comes and asks Gopi and Kokila why are they here. Inspector says what a family they have, mother and grandmother are thieves, father is a goon, daughter is a murderer. Gopi asks Jigar if Meera is given death sentence. Kokila asks if it is true. Pari says it is true. Gopi says it cannot happen, Dharam is still alive. Kokila says she trusts Krishna and did not care about her life or her family’s for truth, Meera will also be released. Ahem says no miracle will save Meera now. He holds Gopi’s hands and Gopi cries hugging him.

Precap: Gaura gives sleeping injection to Dharam and says within 16 hours, Meera will be hanged. Durga enters and is shocked to see Dharam.

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