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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Ahem sees Dharam holding Meera’s hand and shouts to leave his daughter’s hand. Kokila says Dharam is their damad. Ahem shouts what damad and drags Dharam down. Kokila sends guests and asks Dharam what is he doing. Ahem asks Dharam to get out. Dharam says he is quiet as he is Meera’s father, else he would have broken his neck. Ahem asks to touch him and see. Gaura asks Kokila if she called them to insult and asks Vidya and Shravan if they are coming with her or not.

Dharam tells that he is in love with Meera and expresses all his feelings and says Meera must be also having same feelings. He kneels down and requests not to separate Meera from her. Gaur a fumes and walks out. Dharam shuts door.

After reaching bac home, Shravan tells Vidya that her parents are right and he is ashamed that is father is behind girl of his daughter’s age.

Gopi goes to Meera’s room and consoles her. Kokila comes with Dharam and tells she should get Meera ready to send her to her sasural. Dharam says he will not send her daughter back to hell. Kokila shouts. Dharam says he is father and knows her daughter’s betterment. Kokila leaves shouting.

Meera goes to temple and prays god to show her right path.

Precap: Gopi comes to Kokila’s room and is shocked to see her in night gown. She calls her for breakfast. Kokila goes in yawning.

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