Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd July 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd July 2016 Written Update

Meera gives 20,000 rs to Naiya and says she can buy makeup kit from it, it is her gift for helping her. Without her, she would not have got Shravan’s signatures on adoption papers, now she has to take Vidya’s signatures and adopt Priyal completely.

Gopi while busy working on her Potala saris asks Sona to go and rest….She sees Premila carrying Ahem’s items and tries to stop her. Jigar comes down hearing drama and yells it hasbecome usual drama now in this house. Premila drops Ahem’s photo down. Gopi is shocked to see this. Premila shouts old things have to be thrown out to give room for new things.

Premila fumes and tries to slap Gopi, but Kokila holds her hand and warns that she does not have right to hit Gopi, her Gopi does not misbehave with anyone. Premila yells Gopi did not respect her as elder. Gopi picks Ahem’s pic photo and goes to her room crying. Urmila says Gopi is so much pain emotionally that she did not even notice her hand injury.

Naiya goes to godown and gives 50,000 rs to her driver boyfriend Prakash and asks to bring what she wants. She then gives him 20,000 rs and asks to buy whatever he likes. He returns 20,000 rs and says she can buy whatever she needs and tries to kiss her, but she backs off. He leaves smiling. She thinks now Meera and Vidya will feel the storm in their lives.

Kokila nurses Gopi’s hand injury. Gopi apologizes her. She says her Gopi has not done anything wrong till now that she should apologize. Sahir comes and takes photoframe for fixing glass. Premila comes.

Meera brings bouquet and card and shows it to Vidya and says their mom is corporate type now and they should give her signed card. Vidya signs card and Meera smirks.

Premila apologizes Gopi for being harsh and leaves. Kokila says Premila is weird, she is so harsh in one moment and so sweet in another moment.

Vidya signs card and tries to check, but Meera snatches it and says she will send this bouquet and card via Prakash to Modi bhavan.

Urmila sees Sahir going out and asks where is he going. He says to fix glass on bade papa’s photoframe. Samar comes and says he is going out. Urmila asks him to drop Samar till photoframe shop.

Meera goes to her room. Naiya asks what happened. Meera gets adoption papers under card and says she got Vidya’s sign, whatever she wishes she gets it. She gives card and bouquet and asks her to send it to Modi bhavan via Prakash.

Banker Sharmaji comes to Modi bhavan. Jigar greets him. Banker says he has approved Gopi’s loan on Belji’s recommendation and looking at Jigar’s track. He asks Gopi to sign as guarantor. Gopi says she cannot as she just started her business.

Precap: Jigar shouts at Gopi and asks her to get out of house. Premila tells Gopi she felt bad when Jigar yelled at her bahu, if he yells again, she will take Gopi to her home permanently.

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