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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd December 2015 Written Update

Meera hears Urmila speaking to Gopi and Kokila over phone and asks how can she betray her like Gopi and Kokila, she trusted her, but she is same like them.

Kokila calls Meethi and asks if she saw someone near door. Meethi says no. Kokila asks where is Madhuben. Meethi says she hurriedly went to temple. Kokila thinks all temples are closed during afternoon, that means Madhuben was listening to her conversation.

Savitaben comes with her servant. Kokila asks why did she come, if everything is fine. Baa asks how is she. Savita who is deaf gives wrong reply. Everyone laugh. Servant fixes Savita’s hearing aid and she says she is fine. She says she came with a proposal and says her far relative has 2 twin daughters and she came with their alliance for Tolu/molu. Baa says for the first time she is thinking right. Sona gets shattered hearing this and drops plates. Kokila asks what happened. Sona says plates slipped. Savita says they should be careful as they have kept unknown girl in their house. Gopi says they know Sona. Savita says she will fix engagement soon. Kokila says first Tolu/Molu should agree. Savita says she will call Mili/Jhuli to meet Tolu/molu.

Madhuben enters Gaura’s house wearing servant’s dress with pallu and clashes with Meera. Meera asks who is she. Madhuben thinks if Meera sees her, she will be in trouble. She says she is massager and Gaura called her. Meera asks her to massage her first. Gaura comes and says she should massage her first and Meera will be pregnant soon, so she should not get massage. Dharam calls Meera and she leaves yelling why Gaura got his grandchildren’s idea. Gaura murmurs nobody can mess with her and takes Madhuben to her room.

Sona reminisces Savita’s words and thinks she is a villager, then why will Tolu accept her.

Samar and Sahir/Tolu and Molu come home. Hetal asks them to light temple lamp. Gopi informs them about Savita’s proposal and says she will call Mili/Jhuli once they agree. Tolu thinks he does not know what is in Sona’s mind. Molu says elder’s decision is final. Gopi says she sent girls’ pics to Pari and she gave her approval. Molu surprisingly asks is it and says then they are okay with their decision. Gopi looks at Rashi’s pic and says if Rashi was alive, she would have been proud of them. Tolu/molu hug her. Gopi says they can think till evening and reply and leaves.

Tolu says Molu that he loves Sona. Molu says she is illiterate cartoon. Tolu says he agrees that she is illiterate cartoon. Sona hears that and runs crying. Tolu continues that with all deficiencies, Sona is perfect for him as she is very loving. Molu says then he should talk to badi maa. Tolu says he will.

Madhuben massages Gaura’s head harshly. Gaura scolds he and asks to get out. Madhuben apologizes and massages her shoulder. Gaura asks to leave her. Madhuben removes her veil and says she is Vidya and Meera’s grandmother and Gopi’s mother. Gaura is surprised to see her.

Precap: Kokila shows family pic with Gopi’s face marked and asks Madhuben why did she mark Gopi.

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