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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Kokila warns Savitaben how dare she is to insult her Gopi bahu. Gaura enters and says she thought Koili/Kokila will be very angry seeing her grandson marrying a servant, but she is celebrating it. She gifts Sona diamond set. Sona eyes widen in a surprise. Urmila murmurs Gaura gave whole bouquet to Sona instead of flower petal. Gaura says Kokila she gifted her same sari, but she is looking fatter than her. Dharam shouts what is happening.

Kokila tells Gaura that she made many mistake, she married Meera to Dharam with a trick and even tried to kill Ahem, but her family also made 1 mistake, so she will apologize her with folded hands. Modi family is shocked to see that. Kokila with folded hands says Gaura that she invited her to apologize in front of everyone. She warned her family members not to file rape case on Dharam, but they did not listen. Meera made a big mistake and wrongly alleged Dharam. Gopi says Meera did not do anything. Kokila shouts not to interfere and tells Gaura as a head of Modi family, she apologizes her with bent knees and head. Ahem, Gopi and everyone ask her to get up. Kokila shows nobody should interfere. Gaura gets her up and asks if she is really repenting. Kokila says yes. Gaura says let us forget everything and become friends now. They both hug and Kokila smirks at her family.

Gaura and Kokila dance on Dola re dola…song while Modi family and all guest look in shock. Gaura keeps fork on Meera’s neck. Kokila calls Gauraa…Gaura then hugs Meera and says till when she will hide under her mom’s pallu, she will have to come back to her finally. They both continue dancing.

A shawl man kidnaps Meera and brings her to room. He removes shawl and reveals himself as Dharam. Meera asks why did he come here. He pulls her near him and asks if she loves him or not. She says no. He picks knife and walks towards her. She pleads not to come near her and then says he can kill her now. He writes Meera with knife on his wrist. She shouts to stop. He continues writing and asks her also to write. She starts crying.

Gopi hears her voice and asks everyone if they saw Meera. They say no. She asks to switch off music. Jigar asks DJ to switch off music. They all hear Meera shouting to leave, run into her room and see Dharam holding her. Ahem shouts to leave his daughter.

Precap: Dharam with bend knees pleads Modi family to return his Meera as he cannot live without her.

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