Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2016 Written Update

Dr. Krishna apologizes Gopi on his mom’s behalf. Gopi says it is okay, she does not feel bad about elder’s words. Premila watches astrology on TV. Mona comes and greets her. She hears astrologer warning to keep blue dress people away and shoos Mona away. She then sees Gopi walking into Kokila’s room and asks Mona why she is going to Kokila’s room at this time. Mona says she sleeps in Kokila’s room since marrying Dr. Krishna.

Premila knocks Kokila’s door and loudly calls Gopi and then calls Krishna. Whole family gathers. Premila asks Krishna why Gopi is sleeping in Kokila’s room instead of his room. Kokila says the situation was different when Gopi and Krishna’s marriage happened. Premila says she does not want to hear all this. Kokila says Gopi is sleeping in her room because…Urmila says because Kokila is ill, Gopi is very courteous and respects elders, so she is taking care of Kokila while she is asleep. Premila says what illness she has. Krishna says not serious. Premila asks when will it cure. Krishna says 3 mon….Premila asks if is 3 days, then no problem..

Naiya’s driver boyfriend Prakash comes to meet her and asks how did she get so much money. She says it is irrelevant. He tries to kiss her when Priyal passes by and shouts not to beat her aunt. Vidya, Shravan, and Meera hear her sound and come out. Naiya says Prakash they will be caught today. All 3 come and ask Priyal what happened. She shows Naiya and Prakash and ask what are they doing together at night. Prakash says he came to return Naiya’s mobile. Naiya says she has backache, so she asked driver to keep phone on table. Shravan says they should have switched on light. They ask Priyal what is she doing here. She says she was going to mamma’s room. Shravan and Vidya take her. Naiya brainwashes Meera that Priyal still loves Vidya and not her. Meera says soon she will do something that Priyal will forget Vidya completely.

In the morning, Krishna touches Kokila and Premila’s feet before going to hospital. Premila notices Gopi ignoring Krishna and busy in her chores and asks how can she ignore her husband start scolding her. Krishna handles situation. Premila says it looks Gopi does not love him. He says Gopi was married to Ahem for 25 years and it is obvious. She asks if he married her and ruined his life..

Naiya goes to Meera’s room and steals 50,000 rs from her cupboard. Meera comes and asks what is she doing here. Naiya hides money in clothes and says she came to pick her old clothes to wear. Meera stops her and asks to show what she picked.

Precap: Premila tries to throw Ahem’s items. Gopi stops her and says nobody can remove Ahem’s items from her heart and her place. Premila shouts how dare she is to argue with her saas and raises hand to slap, but Kokila holds her hand.

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