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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st July 2016 Written Update

Premila angrily asks Kokila to teach some sanskar to her daughter Gopi and leaves. Kokila insists Gopi to go to her sasural. Urmila tries to calm Premila and says if she spends time with Gopi, she will understand how good she is. Dr. Krishna tries to convince his mom, but she gets adamant that she wants her bahu at her home. Dr. Krishna says it is question of Gopi’s self pride, she is working hard for her family’s respect and if her business fails, Gopi will shatter. Premila says she will have to lose business and this house at some point…

At Dharam’s house, Naiya enters Vidya’s room seeing her away and searches her key in Vidya’s key bunch. Meera enters and asks what is she doing. She says she is checking what is happening. Meera says yes, they need to keep an eye on Vidya and Priyal, asks where is Priyal. Naiya says she is playing with Shravan. Meera leaves. Naiya meets her driver boyfriend and asks how to get key from Vidya’s key bunch. Boyfriend says he has a plan, but they will have to wait till evening and tells plan. Her eyes widen excitedly.

Premila insists to take Gopi along. Gopi calls her mummy ji. She gets very happy. Gopi says she will fullfill all her responsibilities as Gopi Raheja, but she wants to fulfill her responsibility as Gopi Kokila Modi first. Premila says her happiness is with her children, so she will stay at Modi bhavan until Gopi stays at Modi bhavan. Urmila jokes that she will call her Pammi since she staying here with them as family member. Premila says no…she is Premila Ashok Raheja. Urmila says Pammi is sweet.

Naiya enters kitchen seeing Vidya preparing rotis keeping key bunch aside and asks Vidya to let her roll rotis. Vidya gets busy in some other chore. Driver boyfriend throws magnet on Naiya. She catches it and keeps key bunch on it. He drags it. Priyal sees magnet moving and claps. Naiya gets tensed. Driver drags key bunch fast. Naiya goes out silently. Driver shows her key and says it is key for her happiness. Naiya hugs him.

Gopi works on her business budget on laptop and discusses with Kokila. Premila comes and says she need tea. Urmila says she will get her tea, but Premila insists Gopi to prepare tea. Gopi gets her tea. She sips it and yells that they drink full cream milk tea and not dark dilute tea like this. Kokila says Gopi did not know this and will prepare according to her taste next time.

Precap: Premila angrily calls Gopi and Krishna and asks what drama is going here. Krishna comes out and what happened. Premila asks what happened between them that Gopi is sleeping in Kokila’s room.

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