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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Modi family comes home from court and are shocked to see Sona getting ready like a bride with mehandi and flowers. Hetal says she is not her bahu and who permitted her. Kokila shouts she permitted her and she is their bahu. Urmila scolds Sona. Kokila warns her to watch her words and reminds that Sona is her nathi bahu.

Kokila asks to go to Modi bhavan and drop Meera back home. Gopi asks how can Meera go back to that home. Kokila says her decisions are always right and she warned them not to file case against Dharam, but they did not listen. She continues yelling on family and goes to her room. Sona taunts loudly that everyone are chotui daadi’s puppets and nobody dare to confront her. She will also rule over this house after some time like choti daadi. Hetal feels sad hearing this and tells Gopi this is Modi family’s future.

Gaur takes Dharam home and yells that Modis should be hanged. Durga brings arti thali and says she knew nothing would happen to Dharam. Gaura calls her panauti/inauspicious and warns to stay away from her son. She herself performs aarti and removes his nazar/evil eyes. Kokila enters. Gaura taunts that black eye came back. Kokila says she can yell at her and she will listen head bent. She apologizes Dharam for the trouble given by her family and promises that she will bring back Meera to his home soon. Dharam gets happy while Durga and Gaura get jealous.x

Precap: Kokila invites Gaura and her family to Sahir and Sona’s postmarriage ritual ceremony.

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