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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2016 Written Update

The episode begins with Meera dancing with Her groom .. On ..”Chandni chandni …”song
Koki feels angry and Dharam is very hurt and both stare at Meera n her groom
Meera keeps glancing at Dharam and Koki and dances with close moves
In the and her groom plants a kiss on her cheek and this annoys Meera very much and to every one’s shock she gives him on tight slap .. Enough to send him flying .
Dharam confronts him , roughs him up by his collar and reprimands him for “Oochhi harkat ” in presence of elders of the family
Meera shouts at Dharam for daring to manhandle her would be groom , Dharam asks her that he was wrong . Meera says he had no rights to control her life . He was no one . Meera then asks if he was wrong then who was right ?? YOU Dharam ji ??
Shouts at Dharam that he was not her husband so he could stay away .

He had no rights over her life n her decisions. Koki asks Meera what was her intentions in keeping sangeet at Dharam’s house ??
Meera says she wanted to make sure all those connected to her life were present .
Meera takes sanskaar and leaves. Before leaving she invites all those who loved n cared for her could attend her wedding the next day .

Ahem is very annoyed over the upcoming Meera Sanskaar wedding Gopi tries to appease him, but he says this one was greater cartoon than the previous one .

Koki calls Gopi from RV house that Meera behaved exactly as they had expected .
Koki asks Gopi to be prepared to stop Meera

Koki, Gopi, try to persuade meera to see reason and give up her adamant nature .
Meera retorts back to koki Gopi not to force her to change her decision , to let her sleep now. She needed her space .

Vidya and shravan come to meet Dharam, he appears upset. Vidya tries to persuade papa ji to see reason . He knew Meera was on the wrong, Sanskar was not a nice guy

In another room Urmila, paridhi, sona, hethal Kinjal , tolu Molu make a plan to throw sanskaar out if this house ,

At night Dharam is unable to fall asleep , he is pacing the floor and lost in thoughts of Meera , their romantic moments together .

Dharam realises he was unable to live with out Meera .

In her room Meera too is unable to sleep and she too remembers Dharam ji .how she divorced him. How he saved her from the gallows. Meera is upset how Dharam did not stop her from marrying sanskar

In Sanskaar’s room He is thrilled thinking about his marriage to Meera
He falls on the bed and gets thousands pin pricks , then he finds tooth picks under the sheet. Next he gets bad itching. He wonders what was happening. Next moment the whole Modi family members throw a blanket on sanskaar and beat him up .
Gopi and koki too witness this kaand , finally sanskaar agrees to flee and give up thoughts of marrying Meera

Precap for tomorrow .
Meera is dressed as bride and is angry finding her groom missing , she asks modi family his whereabouts Hopi says he was not present here , suddenly Sanskaar arrives at the door dressed up as groom. He smirks at Modis .
Modi family is angry and shocked to see him, Meera is happy.

Written Update by Sutapasima

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