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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th April 2016 Written Update

Gaura shouts that Meera will be hanged. Gopi says Meera will not be hanged. Gaura asks to bet then, Dharam on one side and Meera on another. Gopi says she accepts her challenge. Kokila asks her to get out. Gaura leaves. Vidya comes and says Gopi work is done. Kokila says very good. Gaura leaves in her car with dog van following her.

Whole Modi family gathers in hall. Hetal asks Kokila what is all this. Kokila says Dharam Kumar is alive. Whole family is shocked. Hetal asks they attended Dharam’s funeral. Kokila says Gaura tricked to punish Meera. Ahem says it cannot be. Gopi says this is truth and she has proof. Ahem says her proof does not value at all and asks her to shut up. Kokila keeps her hand on Ahem’s head and takes his oath. Ahem says she is taking false oath to vent her grudge on Gaura. Kokila says she will never take wrong oath on her and tells family all the incidents happened. Gopi says they even got asthi kalash’s bone tested and it was dog’s bone.

While traveling in car, Gaura thinks how did Kokila, Vidya, and Gopi keep quiet so easily, their nose is sharper than dog. She calls her puppet and says some flies will wander around Dharam and he should not let any fly come near Dharam, he can hire 3-4 more goons if needed. She thinks she will make one more call and after that, Kokila and Gopi will not even come near Dharam.

Aheam angrily shouts he will not spare Gaura. Jigar tries to stop him and Ahem pushes him. Kokila says if he goes to Gaura’s home, she will call police and get him arrested and then will shift Dharam somewhere else. Pari asks how did Gaura know that asthi kalash bone is taken out. Vidya says it is her mistake, she told Shravan thinking he will get happy and help, but he betrayed again. Pari asks why did she make such a silly mistake even after knowing Gaua is always 2 steps ahead of them, she is edudated and intelligent, even then. Vidya says she could not see Shravan’s condition, so she informed him. Sona says she would have done same. Pari says she told intelligent and educated and not illiterate and dumb like her. Kokila shouts to stop now. Jigar says let us find Dharam first and save Meera.

Naiya comes tom Shravan’s room and silently picks Shravan’s phone and thinks Somu bhai must have spoken to Vidya and convince her to come back. Shravan comes back and asks what happened. Naiya says her phone is not working, so she came to take his phone. She says he spoke to Vidya already. He asks how does she know. She says she means he may have. He says Vidya does not want to come, she was telling papa is alive and there was dog’s bone instead of papa’s in asthi kalash. She alleged Baaji for all this. Durga enters with tea and drops it hearing it.

Ahem gets adamant to confront Gaura. Kokila tries to convince him and tells Vidya has kept mobile tracker in Gaura’s car.

Gaura thinks she is getting late to meet Dharam. Durga brings her tea and says Shravan told Dharam is alive. Gaura takes out her slipper and shouts to get out, else she will slap her with slipper. She then prays god to hang Meera soon, she will feed 5000 beggars and break 1000 coconuts. She will be in peace only if Meera dies.

Vidya tells family how she kept mobile tracker in Gaura’s car and shows Gaura’s location on her mobile. Kokila says it is showing Shanti nagar and Gaura’s home is there. Gopi says they have to be careful as Gaura must have gotten alert. Kokila says she must have panicked and will go to meet Dharam and may transfer Dharam somewhere, so they have to watch tracker and notice where she goes.

Precap: Kokila, Ahem, Gopi and Jigar enter Gaura’s house hiding. Gaura senses them and shouts who is there.

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