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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gaura asks Meera why is Vidya wearing such a long veil. Meera says she is tensed regarding maa and rushes into car. While traveling, Gaura tries to peep into veil, but Meera stops her.

Vidya sleeps on mental hospital bed in place of Gopi. Nurse brings her food. Vidya says she is not hungry and shouts to leave her alone.

Kokila tells Ahem that Gopi is mad permanently and cannot be cured, so he has to accept the fact and let her stay in hospital forever.

Meera with Kokila, Gopi and Gaura reaches home and sees Dharam performing havan. Gaura shouts that Dharam is doing havan for Gopi’s health. Dharam says he will not get up until Gopi gets well. Meera says he does not have to do that. Dharam says he wants to lessen his sins and touches Gopi’s forehead thinking her as Vidya to bless her. Gopi gets tensed. Shravan comes and bends. Gopi touches his head to bless. Gaura thinks why Vidya is touching her husband’s head. Meera and Urimila walk out with Gopi. Gaura purposefully drops water on floor and is shocked to see Gopi Veil. Meera says she cannot stop them and walk out of house. Gopi tells Meera that she is worried about Vidya as hospital people will know soon that Vidya is there instead of her. Meera says she will go and check and asks her to go home soon.

Kokila tells Ahem again in front of family that he should forget Gopi as she will never return now. Hetal asks what is she saying. Ahem says Gopi will get well soon and return back for him.

Precap: Gopi tells Urmila that in video, she saw Kokila is in a dark room with water on floor. Urmila asks what it must be. Gopi says it is water tank.

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