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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kokila gives Meera’s shopped present to Meethi and Meera shouts. She says she’ll shop much more tomorrow. Kokila asks Tolu to provide Meera’s notebook, tab, all the things which she does internet shopping on and he leaves. Meera suggests she cannot do that. Kokila states she will and shortly she can get her married to a superb man. Meera claims she is a tigress and no-one is dare to manage her. Kokila says she is a ring grasp and is aware of to control her. Meera suggests she is a cost-free chook and Grownup and nobody can prevent her right here. Ahem states she’s a kid. She says she’s Grownup and he will not want to accept it. She attempts to stroll out and Gopi attempts to end.

Meera smirks and thinks they’ll plead and quit her and after that she will toss her ailments and rule in excess of them. Kokila claims no one should really end her and he or she is no cost to go. Meera walks out. Gopi pleads Kokila to stop Meera or else Allow her also go. Kokila tells Absolutely everyone that they trusted her until now and should trust even now.

Kinjal seems at her jewelry bins and gets happy contemplating she will offer jewellery and live remainder of her lifetime lavishly,, but finds her jewellery missing. She yells that Urmila have to have stolen it. She commences examining Urmila’s lugguage and alleges her that she is a thief.

Meera walks from main gate and thinks her family members stopping looking at them watching from window. Kokila loudly says to take care of herself. Gopi pleads, but Kokila stops her once again. Rain commences. Meera operates on street. She occupied umbrella and seller asks her to pay one hundred fifty rs. Meera claims she doesn’t have income and provides her ring. Vendor claims she doesn’t will need her pretend ring and needs only funds. Meera steals umbrella and runs. Vendor catches her right in front of Modi bhavan and pushes her on ground following snatching umbrella. Gopi sees that and pleads gopi to spare her Meera. Kokila pleads her to spare her to show Meera a lesson.

Meera sits on footpath and thinks Modi’s are so cruel to not contact her back again. Ahem looks at Kokila and he or she asks him to attend and enjoy. Meera begins sensation chilly.

Kinjal ransacks Urmila’s outfits. Urmila retains knife on her and says she is aware of how you can deal with burglars like her. Kinjal sprays pepper spray on her eyes and realizes that she is not mad. She phone calls police.

Gopi continues pleading Kokila to forgive Meera and Kokila in turn pleads to spare her and suggests it is critical to produce her realize that she’s absolutely nothing without her loved ones. She loudly asks Meethi to get ready pakoras for everybody and requires Everybody in, asking Tolu/molu to regulate them. Meera fumes that nobody is bothered about her.

Precap: Several goons misbehave Meera and take a look at to kidnap her. She shouts father….daadi…

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