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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Gopi and Koki’s talking disturbed by  Kinjal shouting at Sona for applying something nasty on her face. In the cat n mouse game between Kinjal Sona, Mera’s framed foto shatters as it falls to the floor. Urmila exclaims Kinjal was one eyebrow less !! Urmila makes fun of Kinjal adding to kinjal’s fury. Koki calms Kinjal.

Paridhi adds fuel to The flames of fury of kinjal by her taunts against Sona. Pari says Sona had  proved she was carbon copy of Gopi ,  Kinjal did a mistake by allowing her to do facial . Koki investigates.  Sona says she mixed jaithun tel and gulab jal to the multani mitti , nothing else she promises . Koki calms Sona saying there was nothing wrong in what sone did . Gopi is upset as the foto of meera’s pic had shattered its glass . She fears some apshagun was about to befall Meera .

At SV house Dharam tells Gaura that he will not do anything wrong . He is about to tell Meera that he was not a bad guy.  Gaura shouts at him.  But Dharam says he will not take orders from her any more he will do what he feels was right , he was ready to go against his mother for that , he will not give vidya’s child to Nayya. Gaura is shocked   She wonders what was wrong with her Dharam !! It was Meera’s fault  she had trappd her son in prem jaa  , Gaura’s position and importance was threatened in this house by Meera and Vidya.  She plans to get rid of the two sisters by hook or by crook.

At Modi house Gopi is very scared for Meera and Vidya,  decides to check on Her daughters  , as she rushes out she collides with the car driven by Ahem Koki and Mota bhabhi rush to rescue Gopi. Ahem and   Koki, try to calm Gopi but she is certain she was getting the feeling meera was in danger , just as Koki got the vibes when Ahem was in danger.  Koki asks Gopi and Ahem to pay a visit to Meera’s sasural .

At SV house Vidya tells Meera that it was wrong to attack anyone with swords.  Meera says she was just scaring them. If she had to attack then she would have done that by now .Vidya asks her to wait till next morning by then Shravan would  have made up his mind. Dharam tries to call Meera but she does not take the calls. several calls later Meera takes his call.  He asks her to come to the terrace as he had to speak to her . Meera refuses to come there .Dharam says she better come as it was concerning vidya and her baby ,finally  Meera agrees to come to talk to him

At Modi house Paridhi wonders whay was Gopi so scared ?? Sona and Urmila try to give gharelu nuskhey to kinjal to regrow her eyebrow hair .kinjal says she had had  enough of sona’s beauty treatments.  She was sure she would lose all the rest of her eyebrow and scalp  hair too and become bald . Urmila laughs that kinjal would look nice just like villains in movies. Her laughter infuriates kinjal all the more .Pari instigates Kinjal against Sona . Pari and kinjal conive together to throw sona out of this house as she was very irritating.  Pari asks Kinjal to join hands with her.  Kinjal agrees.

At RV house, Dharam is waiting for Meera, he says his  love for her had changed him  so much, he had become so humble , he was ready to now  before Meera and apologize . She was the best heroine in his life . Dharam says she had opened his eyes.  He was wrong, meera was right, this vachan by Gaura was wrong, he was about to wrong vidya and her baby   what  meera said was correct.  This is what a true life partner was like , when one  was wrong the other showed the correct path .


Precap for tomorrow: Meera is standing before Dharam on the terrace, refuses to look at him, he smiles at her and requests her to face him. But feeling irritated she turns and pushes Dharam. He slips skids on something slippery on the floor and falls off the terrace .. She watches him falling shouting M..E…E..R..A!!!eera is shocked.  Gaura watches everything

Written Update by Sutapasima

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