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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th August 2016 Written Update

Premila and Mansi laugh and discuss if Vidya will die first or Meera. Kokila comes with Urmila. Premila asks them to sit. Kokila says Krishna has not gone to US. Premila says she must have mistaken. Kalpana says she is sure and asks what is happening. Premila calls Dr. Krishna. He comes down and wishes Kokila. Kokila says he told he is going to US for a week, then how did he come so early. He says he is going for a few days and his work finished, so he came.

Vidya wakes up, tells someone else was also present there and falls unconscious again. ACP thinks Meera is right, she did not shoot Vidya, this case is much more complicated than he thinks.

Premila shouts at Kokila how can she doubt her damad. Krishna says it is his mistake, he would have informed Gopi when he came back. Premila says her son came back early as it is raksha bandhan today. Krishna says it is okay, he will get ready and will go to meet Vidya with Gopi.

Shravan cries in front of Dharam that Meera is responsible for Vidya’s condition. Dharam says they are sisters and nobody will harm blood relatives. Nurse informs Naiya that Vidya told someone else was also present in garage and fell unconscious again. Naiya gets tensed that she will be caught if Vidya takes her name and informs Prakash. Prakash says Vidya will not get up at all.

Krishna tells Gopi that he is having some important work, so he is leaving car for her and she can go to hospital. Premila acts as having severe headache. Gopi massages her head while Mansi drops oil on stairs. Gopi then walks on stairs, slips and falls down. Premila acts as concerned. She then calls Koila and tells Gopi fell down.

Prakash enters Vidya’s room in peon’s attire and removes her oxygen mask to kill her. Samar and Sahir get sad seeing Vidya’s condition and say Kokila that Vidya ties them rakhi every year, this year she will not. They both then enter Vidya’s room and see her gasping in air. Samar runs to call peon who was here. Prakash starts running. Naiya drops cylinder on Samar’s way and he falls down. Prakash escapes. Sahir runs and calls doctors.

Precap: Premila and Mansi confie Gopi in a cupboard. Premila asks Mansi to get Gopi out as she is there since 3 hours. Mansi says she will let Gopi die so easily. Gopi suffocates and shouts who confined her here, please get her out.

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