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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Meera breaks mental hospital’s window lock with screw and enters in. Urmila and Vidya enter behind her. Schizophrenic woman shouts they killed her husband. Gaura’s puppet peon comes out and asks if she saw someone here. Woman shouts her husband’s murderers. ‘

Gaura shouts at Shravan how dare he is to go against her. Dharam says Gaura that Shravan is doing right and she should not stop him.

Meera, Vidya, and Urmila enter Gopi’s room. Gopi gets happy seeing them. Urmila says Kokila stopped them from coming here, but herself came here. Vidya says daadi was at home. Urmila says she saw Kokila leaving in car. Gopi says she is vegetable vendor Premlatha and not Kokila and tells them whole incidents happened. They are all shocked to hear that. Gopi says the way Kokila came to give blood in a min and returning back, looks like she is somewhere aorund house. Premlatha even asked her puppet peon to give electric shock. She has to get out to find out maaji and return back in 4 hours. Vidya asks how will she find daadi in 4 hours. Gopi says god will help them and says someone from family is behind Premlatha and they have to be very careful.
Premlatha knocks Ahem’s room door and asks him to open it. She thinks Gopi’s husband is a coward and is crying like a baby. She gives her promise and asks him to open door and then thinks if he does not open, she will die. He opens door. She says she wants to give him sad news and says doc told Gopi will never get well and will have to stay in mental hospital whole life.

Gopi wears Vidya’s clothes with veil on her face and gets out of mental hospital with Meera and Urmila. Gaura stops them near car and shouts at Meera that she got injured and Dharam is doing havan for Gopi’s health without having anything and she is behind her mad mother. She continues her taunts.

Precap: Meera and Urmila are about to leave with Gopi when Gaura drops water on floor and sees Gopi’s face on water image.

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