Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th September 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th September 2016 Written Update

Jaggi cries reminiscing his mother. Urmila offers him lassi and asks why is he crying like a baby. Gopi says nurse called and informed her that Urvashi’s condition is stabilizing, so he should meet his mom in the early morning. He leaves saying he will meet his mom right now.

Naiya gives sweets to Payal choreographer and says their plan is successful, Dharam and Meera are fighting. Payal says she wrote R in Meer’s mehandi instead of D. Vidya passes by and gets angry hearing Payal’s confession and kicks her out of house. Naiya thinks she will get Meera out of this house before her bidayi.

Jaggi reaches hospital wearing burqa, enters Urvashi’s room, and says she is her friend Zubeda. Urvashi says she does not know any Zubeda. Jaggi removes his veil and says Krishna works in this hospital, so he had to hide his face. Mansi comes to meet Krishna and receptionist says he has gone on rounds. Mansi enters Urvashi’s room. Jaggi gets tensed hearing her voice and says Urvashi she will go now. Mansi sees man’s bracelet in his hand and thinks why a woman is wearing man’s bracelet. She asks reason. Jaggi in female voice says Urvashi gave her to repair it. Mansi insists to see his face. He resists that muslims don’t show their face. Mansi gets adamant.

Prakash comes to Naiya’s room, locks door and tries to get romantic. She says Vidya spoilt her plan and sent Payal out. He asks her to get Vidya into confidence and leave it to him rest.

Urvashi asks Mansi why is she forcing Zubeda to show her face. Mansi tries to remove veil, but Jaggi holds her hand and calls for help. Krishna comes and asks what happened. Jaggi says this woman is forcefully trying to see her face. Urvashi says if she is doctor’s sister, that does not mean she can misbehave with any woman. Krishna takes Mansi from there. Jaggi starts his jokergiri and munches apple. Urvashi says it is for her. Mansi and Krishna go to account department. Accountant tells room no 10/Urvashi’s attendants gave wrong dated cheque. Mansi sees Gopi”s signature on cheque and informs Krishna. Krishna takes cheque saying Gopi Modi is his wife and he will send another cheque.

Vidya tries to tell Shravan about Payal and Naiya, but Naiya interrupts and says Dharam is waiting for Shravan. Shravan leaves. Naiya cries that she is innocent and did not know Payal’s plan. Vidya thinks she will not trust Naiya now and will keep an eye on her.

Jaggi returns to Modi bhavan and mimics how he fooled Mansi. Krishna with Mansi enters and tells Gopi that hospital people returned her cheque as she entered wrong date on it.

Precap: Mansi asks Gopi who is Urvashi that she paid Uvashi’s hospital bill.

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