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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th December 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Urmila gets Kokila’s call that Ahem is doing his shraad in Krishna temple. Urmila gets tensed. Vidya sees that and asks what happened. Urmila tells what Kokila said. Vidya starts crying.

Dharam says Meera that he hated her earlier, but loves him now. Vidya calls Meera just then and tells papa left home and is in Krishna mandir. She is going there. Meera says she is also leaving. Dharam says I love you, but Meera does not listen and leaves. Varun Dhawan shakes Dharam and says Meera went. Dharam asks if she heard. Varun says she must have.

Kajol stops Ahem from doing his shraad and says he cannot get away from responsibilities and Gopi. He says she does not know why he is taking this extreme steps. She says she should think about Gopi and Kokila’s love. She continues explaining him.

SRK encourages Gopi that her Ahemji will be waiting for her in temple. He drops her outside temple and stands near car. Gopi gets happy seeing Ahem. Kajol asks if she is Gopi. Gopi nods yes. Kajol asks her to control her mad husband who thinks love can be forgotten just in 2 days when some people wait for 15 years. SRK hears that and walks into temple. Kajol and SRK’s dialogues start. They blame each other first and then confess their love.

Gopi starts her heavy dialogues and asks Ahem how can he leave her and try to suicide. Man who called her says he thought Ahem was suiciding, but he was saving a child instead. Gopi says she needs her Ahemji back. He says she cannot. Her dialogues continue. SRK and Kajol who are united now asks Ahem to accept Gopi. Ahem says he cannot and wants to sacrifice himself. SRK explains him the value of love and says their jodi is made in heaven and not here. He asks Ahem not to leave Gopi in life. Ahem thanks him for guiding him. SRK hugs them, smiles and leaves with Kajol.

Precap: Meera says Ahem Vidya told her everything and asks how he leave them. He smears her and says sorry for not protecting her when she needed him the most.

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