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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Meera asks Premlatha to tell in which mental hospital Gopi is in. Premlatha says they should not go there. Urmila says Gopi is more than her daughter and she will go at any cost. Meera says they will find out the hospital themselves. Hetal tells hospital name. Premlatha thinks this fatty will spoil her plan.

Gaura calls Madhuben and adds Premlatha on conference call. Madhuben informs that Meera, Vidya, and Urmila are going to mental hospital to meet Gopi. Gaura asks her not to worry as she has her peon there who will make Gopi completely mad.

Gaura then sees Dharam performing havan with Durga. She asks durga what is he doing. She says he is performing havan for Gopi’s health as Vidya called and informed that Gopi is ill. Gaura asks Dharam if he forgot Gopi sent him to jail. Dharam Gopi and her daughters did not do anything and in fact they did wrong to them, he just wants to correct things.

Gaura’s puppet peon ties Gopi and stuffs cloth in her mouth and then says when Premlatha asked her to keep quiet, why did not she. He gives her electric shock and she cries unable to bear pain.

Meera, Vidya, and Urmila walk toward car when Premlatha stops them and asks them not to go. Madbuhen deflates car tyres silently and hides. They ask Premlatha to let them go and get into car and leave. Premlatha shouts at Madhuben that they will reach Gopi soon. Madhuben gives another car key and asks her to go before them as she has deflated their car tyres and they will not reach on time. Madhuben reaches hospital soon and starts torturing Gopi with her usual witty dialogues and warns to behave insane when Vidya, Meera, and Urmila come, else she will kill Kokila. Meera, Vidya, and Urmila reach mental assylum via auto and try to get in, but Gaura’s puppet peon does not let them and says they have to take doc’s permission. Vidya slaps him and warns to let them in, else he will repent.

Precap: Precap will be added soon.

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