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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2015 Written Update

Gaura comes to Modi bhavan with Vidya’s haldi shagun. She praises Vidya’s splendor investigating Meera. Tolu/molu taunt Vidya and say they had been creating her April fool. Everybody giggle. Shravan SMSes Vidya and Gaura states her Shravan is massaging her repeatedly. Pari claims it really is message, not massage. Gaura says “wohi, disgrace to disgrace.” Meera starts off an exceedingly friendly conversation with her. Urmila thinks one thing is Completely wrong. Gaura applies haldi on vidya and purposefully applies it on Meera’s cheek also and says she utilized it by slip-up, but anways if an unmarried girl is utilized haldi, her relationship will happen before long. Meera phone calls her baaji and claims it is ok. Kokila and Gopi are surprised. Urmila tells Gopi some thing is Incorrect. Dharam indicators Meera to go up and she follows him.

Ahem and Gopi also utilize haldi to Vidya reminiscing their like for her. Ahem leaves Unfortunately to his place. Gopi also leaves following implementing haldi and tells Ahem he needs to be pondering why daughters have to depart their father or mother’s dwelling, exactly what is whether it is reverse, she might have been at her father or mother’s house and he would have been together with her. Ahem smiles. she asks him to maintain smiling in front of Vidya and not make her sad.

Jigar applies haldi on vidya’s cheek and states she built him previous by producing him kaka sasur. Vidya smiles. Pari applies haldi and asks her to not forget her. Vidya states she’s her maasi and kaaki, how can she overlook her. Jigar then applies haldi on Pari’s nose and says it experienced develop into pale. Hetal smiles looking at this. Pari leaves angrily.

Ahem continues experience sad and Gopi consoles him and claims he should be smiling in front of Vidya.

Tolu/molu apply haldi on Vidya’s cheek and joke that they won’t Permit her concept Shravan. She claims even she will never allow them to smile and applies haldi on their arms. All people laugh viewing that. Hetal applies haldi on Kokila’s cheeks and Kokila touches her toes. she then touches baa’s toes. Gaura thinks Kokila’s joy is brief lived.

Dharam calls Meera and asks if her conclusion is remaining, to rethink about this. She claims she has assumed very well. She sees Gopi and Ahem walking towards them and pushes Dharam shouting how dare he is to apply haldi on his cheeks. Dharam falls down from stairs. Kokila asks Meera why did she press Dharam, if she has absent mad. Gaura goes and slaps Meera. Gopi asks exactly what is she undertaking. Gaura says no person will interfere now and twists Meera’s palms and claims her punishment is she is not going to go to her sister’s wedding day. She tells Kokila that she does not want Meera in Shravan’s relationship. Meera states she does not have suitable to stop her. Gaura suggests she has correct. Kokila claims Gaura is true and Meera is not going to go to Vidya’s relationship. Vidya pleads Gaura to Permit her sister attend her relationship. Gaura asks how can she let Meera insult her sasur and suggests even Gopi will comply with this conclusion, asks if Chatanki agrees. Gopi nods Sure.

Precap: Kokila orders Meera not to enter Vidya’s marriage.

Written Update By Sahir


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