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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2015 Written Update By Prince

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2015 Written Episode

Modi’s mastermind 50 lakhs and sit tight for criminal’s call. Molu says hijacker keeps telephone off, so he couldn’t follow area. Gopi requests that Ahem give her 50 lakhs pack and tells Kokila that she will run with sack.

Kinjal supposes she ought to go to Modi Bhavan and figure out what is going there. Urmila hears that and asks where is she going. Kinjal yells that she is going to Modi bhavan. Urmila asks her for what valid reason is she yelling and says she can go. She drops vase on her foot intentionally and requests that Kinjal take her to her room, thinking Kinjal will be caught up with serving her and far from alarming Modi’s.

Gopi gets prepared with cash pack. Ahem requests that her be cautious. Kokila likewise wishes her good fortunes and Gopi leaves towards hijacker’s said place in auto. She achieves there and implores god to give her quality to take back her little girl. She gets Meera’s call and criminal says he and Meera are adjacent and she ought to hold up. Kokila likewise goes with Gopi in auto dickie, however when she is going to turn out, dickie closes securing her. Criminal arrives in a van with Meera and asks cash. Gopi requests that send Meera first. He tries to sprinkle filthy oil on her, however Vidya goes ahead time and spares Gopi. She requests that criminal leave Meera and take cash. Ruffian says he will take both cash and Meera now for deceiving him and grabs cash pack. Gopi tosses mud on his eyes and begins beating him. She requests that Vidya get Meera out. Meera says she can’t achieve entryway. Vidya sees enters in hijacker’s pocket and tries to take it, yet criminal slaps her and punches Gopi’s stomach. They both tumble down writhing in agony.

Kokila who is still secured dickie hears Gopi writhing in torment and pushes entryway with her maximum vitality and turns out. Gopi requests that Vidya spare Meera. Ruffian tries to toss stone on Vidya, however Meera requests that him not hit Vidya. He stops. Kokila leaves dickie and begins beating criminal. Criminal slaps her, pushes Vidya away and leaves in van. Gopi as opposed to tailing him in auto begins shouting at Kokila and Vidya for advancing there without illuminating her. Kokila says she was concerned in regards to her. Gopi proceeds with her hollering.

Kinjal serves sustenance to Urmila. Urmila chides that she didn’t plan sustenance well and requests that her bring something else. When she turns, Urmila drops dal bowl and begins yelling at her. Kinjal says she was living like a ruler in Modi bhavan, however is working like a worker here.

Gopi returns home and cries embracing Ahem that she couldn’t bring back Meera. Vidya says before they could free Meera, ruffian ran off in auto. He inquires as to whether they both ran with Gopi. Kokila says yes. He inquires as to why did do such a major misstep. Kokila says she was concerned in regards to Gopi. Jigar likewise chides them both. Ahem says due to their error, they lost Meera once more. Vidya apologizes and says she went there to secure Gopi. Kokila says they were concerned in regards to Gopi, so they went. Kokila says she educated Hetal and Pari and went.

Hijacker shows cash packs to Meera and says he would have hijacked even vidya today. She requests that him set out not touch Meera. He says he will take her from that point everlastingly and for that he needs visa.

Precap: A masked man enters Meera’s room and steals her passport. He drops photoframe by mistake. Kokila hears sound, comes there and is shocked to see him..


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