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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th April 2016 Written Update

Sona tells Kokila that lord Krishna saved her, else she would have been sent out with cartoon. Gopi scolds Pari that she did really wrong, Vidya is pregnant and came here to relax, but in this environment, how will she. Kokila starts her dialogues next and tells Pari that she should understand that Tolu is nothing without Sona now and Pari is taking care of this family well, she could not become Tolu/Molu’s real mother. Tolu holds Sona’s hand and says he will not separate from Sona at any cost. Kokila says Pari further that she did not think she would stoop so low. She continues her speech.

Vidya gets Shravan’s call who says they can sort out their differences later. She asks then why did he call her. He says tomorrow they are going for papa’s asthi visarjan and since papa used to consider her daughter, she should also attend it. She says she will not enter his house and will wait outside. He thanks her and disconnects call. Kokila says when Dharam is still alive, whose asthi visarjan they are performing. Vidya asks what is she telling. Kokila says Dharam is alive and Gaura has hidden her somewhere, they should attend asthivarsjan ritual and steal bones silently from asthi kalash.

Next morning, Shravan establishes asthi kalash in front of Dharam’s photo. Durga cries touching kalash. Gaura starts her acting and cries that she is doing asthi visarjan of her son whom she kept in her womb for 9 months.

Pari, Kinjal, Urmila walk down discussing that their plan backfired and Sona became more strong. They see dining table clean and ask Meethi why did not she prepare breakfast. Meethi says everyone have gone out and Sona asks not to prepare breakfast. Pari shouts who is she to order and says they need breakfast right now. Sona comes and says they should prepare their own breakfast. Pari says she has managed house for 11 years and can prepare 50 people’s food at once. Sona laughs and says she can prepare 3 people’s food now.

Kokila with Gopi enters Gaura’s house. Gaura asks why did she come here. Kokila says she came to attend Dharam’s asthi visarjan and pay her respect to him. Gaura says it is only for family members. Kokila says her one granddaughter is married to Dharam and another to his son, so she also has rights to attend his asthi visarjan.

Precap: Shravan, Durga, and Naiya do asthi visarjan. Vidya steals bone silently. Doc examines bone and tells Kokila, Gopi, and Vidya that this is dog’s bone.

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