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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meera goes to meet Dharam and cries seeing him sleeping in cell. Dharam turns and sees her. She hides. He calls her and thinks what is happening with him. Meera thinks why did she come to meet him even after all this.

Vidya and Shravan pack their bags to leave Gaura’s house. Durga comes and says she does not want to leave this house. Vidya asks even after so much torture by Dharam and Gaura. Durga says she wants to fulfill her patni dharm. Gaura smirks hearing their conversation hiding near door. Durga then says she will stay here, but they both should go. Shravan asks how can they. She gives her promise and says her life is ending, but they have a long life and she wants them to prosper. Gaura fumes and thinks Durga is more intelligent that she tought. Vidya asks Shravan if he wants to stay with maaji. He says he cannot break maa’s promise and will leave this house.

Gopi waits eagerly for Meera andthinks where she must have gone. Meera comes home. Whole family asks where she had been. She says to meet Dharamji. Gopi asks why is she crying.

Gaura stops Durga and Durga gets afraid. Gaura frightens her and then asks if she wants to become her house’s elder bahu. Durga nods yes. She says tomorrow is Dharam’s court hearing and she knows what to do.

Gopi asks Meera why did she go to meet Dharam. Meera says she does not know why. Gopi asks her to go and rest now as court hearing is tomorrow. Kokila tries to brainwash wash her and asks if she is feeling guilty, she should withdraw case. Gopi asks her not to brainwash Meera. Meera shouts she is wrong and giving wrong teaching to Meera. Dharam comes and says Gopi is right and takes Meera from there. Gopi says Kokila that she will not for her to help her in getting justice to Meera and even she should not stop her. She promises that after tomorrow’s court hearing, she will not talk about case again. Hetal says it is late night and let us sleep and requests Kokila pray for Meera’s justice. Kokila angrily looks at them.

Precap: Durga pleads Gopi to spare her husband and take back court case.

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