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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2016 Written Update

Meera’s court hearing starts. Meera’s lawyer defends her that she did not push Dharam from terrace and requests for bail. Judge says police report says she pushed and even there are many evidences. He rejects bail and sends Meera into police custody for 15 days.

Gaura wearing doc’s apron takes Dharam in ambulance with peon’s help. Kokila helps Gopi get down via pipe. Gopi gets down and says in room, there was indeed Dharam Shah and not Dharam Suryvanshi. Gaura removes blanket from Dharam’s face and says she wants to check Kokila’s luck and counts till 5 and then gets in Dharam in ambulance, waves Kokila and Gopi and leaves. Kokila and Gopi see everything. Ahem calls Kokila and asks where are they. Kokila says on the way. Ahem says Meera’s bail is rejected.

Dharmesh Junagadwala (DJ) starts flirting with Pari. Pari shouts. Hetal and Urmila get tensed that their plan back fired on them. Tolu/molu beat Dharmesh and Urmila shouts to kick DJ out. DJ says he is an actor and did this on Urmila’s insistence. Urmila denies allegation and kicks him out of house. Sona starts laughing loudly.

Gaura enjoys sweets celebrating Meera’s bail rejection and thinks she will distribute sweets to everyone if Meera is given death sentence. She gets her puppet peon’s call who asks if he should let Dharam gain consciousness. She asks him to give him sedative again and take care of him well.

Sona continues laughing. Pari tries to slap her, but Sona holds her hand and warns that she will break it and she may have to use only 1 hand. Kokila with Gopi and Ahem enters and scolds how dare she is to misbehave with her saas. Sona goes into flashback where she sees her photo frame empty and realizing Urmila is up to something and exchanging her pic with Pari’s. She says she did not realize Urmila would stoop so low. Kokila scolds Pari that she should not have stooped so low to get rid of Sona.

Precap: Kokila says Gopi and Vidya they have to attend Dharam’s asthi visarjan and steal bones to prove via medical examination that it is not Dharam’s.

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