Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th July 2016 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th July 2016 Written Update

Urmila plays Baby ko base pasand hai…song…and asks Jai and Veeru to dance in front of Belji and Mehta. Kokila tells Dr. Krishna and Sahir that Urmila is doing this to buy some time to search money, they should tell truth to Belji and Mehta. Jai and Veeru see their skate board near store room door and run to pick it.

Meera calls lawyer home who brings Priyal’s adoption paper. Shravan asks why lawyer has come. Meera says some business work and Shravan leaves. Lawyer asks if Shravan knows that she is adopting Priyal. Meera says sheis giving him double money to do his work and should keep his mouth shut, she will get Shravan and Vidya’s signatures on adoption papers. Naiya sees lawyer and smirks that her plan is working. Vidya shows Priyal’s drawing to Meera and says Priyal painted family and included her and papaji also, she is elder, so she should keep this painting. Meera gets emotional and thinks if she is doing right or not.

Kokila tells Belji and Mehta that there is some problem in paying money. Jai and Veeru come running showing their skate board. Kokila sees 1000 rs note stuck under wheel and asks where did they find skate board. They say store room. Pari and Mona run into store room followed by Gopi’s team. Pari falls down on money. Jai and Veeru jump daadi fell down. Mona sees money and says wow momji money is found. Kokila, Gopi and her team hear that and walk toward Pari and see her sleeping money. Gopi takes money from Pari and gives it to Belji bhai apologizing him for the delay. Belji says he enjoyed breakfast and children’s dance, now he will arrange raw materials soon. Gopi’s team smiles. Urmila praises Pari and Mona that without them, they would not have found money back. Pari and Mona hide their jealous expressions.

Meera at her room looks at Priyal’s painting and thinks she is doing wrong, lawyer is wrong, she cannot adopt Priyal without Vidya and Shravan’s knowledge. Naiya enters and picks Meera’s medical report from floor and brainwashes her that because of Vidya, she underwent miscarriage and cannot get pregnant again in life, now she has to snatch Vidya’s happiness by snatching Priyal. She leaves smirking. Meera angrily tears medical report reminiscing doc telling the could not save child. She spoils paintaing and yells that she will snatch Vidya’s happiness and will punish her.

Gopi hires catalogue artist who whose sari catalogue designs. Gopi gives him 50,000 rs cheque. Urmila snatches cheque and asks why is she giving 50,000 rs for just showing 3-4 sari designs on laptop. Gopi says he is preparing catalogue for Gujarat handloom exhibition and models will walk on ramp wearing her company’s designer saris, they will get huge publicity. Urmila gets excited and says even she will walk on ramp wearing golden color sari. Gopi says artist even found models and finalized designs. Urmila gives back cheque to artist and warns him to do his work properly, else she will take back money. She says she would have brought her chawl ladies as models. Gopi says she is tensed about making presentation. Krishna comes and says he is Rajkot’s best presentation maker. Kokila says god makes arrangements magically and their prayers won’t go waste. Pari hears their conversation standing at a distance and fumes in jealousy.

Percap: Kokila tells her team that tomorrow is most important day for them and prays god. Sahir asks Krishna to leave laptop with him, he will charge laptop and bring it to exhibition venue. Gopi says he is right. Pari and Mona hear their conversation. Meera says Vidya she wants to become Priyal’s mother legally.

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