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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th August 2016 Written Update

Naiya sees Meera tensed and asks reason. Meera closes door and says someone kidnapped Priyal and is demanding 1 crore to free her, she thinks she should inform police. Naiya warns her not to, else kindappers will harm Priyal. Meera asks what to do, why her brain is not working. Naiya suggests he to do what kidnapper says and go with weapon wherever kidnapper calls. Meera asks she does not have 1 crore. Naiya says she will try to arrange. Meera hugs and thanks her.

Kokila tells Urmila that she is feeling uneasy today. Urmila says that is because she did not speak to Gopi today and says she should have slapped Pari for giving unnecessary suggestion. Kokila says it is okay, she has old necklace which she will give to Gopi. Gopi at her new sasural thinks she did not speak to her maaji today. Kokila calls her right then. Gopi picks call via her mouth and says she was thinking of calling her. Kokila asks how is she. Gopi emotionally says she is fine. Kokila asks if she is fine. Gopi says she just got emotional hearing her voice and asks if she had food. Kokila says we all had food together and asks if she had food. Gopi says yes and thinks how to tell her what happened here. Kokila thinks how to tell Gopi about Pari’s behavior and says Krishna told she prepared food today, if everything was alright. Gopi shedding tears says everything was fine, she prepared chole poori. Kokila asks in punjabi style or gujrati style. Gopi says everyone here eat spicy food, they use whole week’s spices for 1 time. Kokila smiles and asks to have cold milk before sleeping. Gopi asks if she had her medicine. Kokila shedding tears says yes and disconnects call saying jai shri krishna. Gopi replies same and weeps.

Mansi gets Gopi ready and says she is looking very beautiful, who will say that she has 2 married daughters. She sees Gopi’s hands and asks what happened to her bandages, her hands look better. Gopi says her maaji taught her home remedies, she applied honey and then tea powder, she does not have burning now. Mansi jealously says that is good. Gopi says today she will meet her maaji. Mansi angrily thinks gopi always thinks about maaji.

Kokila tells Urmila that she is going to Gopi’s sasural, they should get ready and come there directly. Urmila says okay. Kokila goes out and waits for taxi/rickshaw. Premila’s puppet calls her and informs that Kokila left home. Premila smirks. A speeding car comes and breaks just in front of Kokila. Gopi asks Mansi to call her maaji. Someone calls Gopi ands says Kokila met with an accident at Gandhi marg, she should come there right now. Gopi asks if her maaji is fine and runs out. Mansi and Premila smirk and discuss their arrow has hit bull’s eye. Gopi runs on road searching taxi/rickhaw. She tries to call the number back.

Guests start coming for Gopi’s muh dikhayi. Kokila enters and greets Premila. Premila hugs her. Premila’s friend asks where is her bahu. Kokila asks where is Gopi. Premila says Gopi ran out of house without sayingaything. Gopi tries to stop taxi or rickshaw, but nobody stops. She thinks she should inform home and sees her phone battery dead. She gets auto and rushes to Gandhi marg. Kokila checks her mobile and realizes she lfet it at home. She borrows Premila’s mobile and calls Gopi’s mobile, but her phone is out of reach. Premila’s friends discuss Premila’s bahu did not want to marry, must have an affair. Premila says Gopi has eloped, Krishna told Gopi did not want to marry him, Gopi proved she was just acting. Friend start bad mouthing again. Premila yells her son must be happy in US, but he does not know what Gopi did here.

Meera adds money in bag. Naiya comes and holds her hand and gives her gun. Meera hesitantly takes it. Naiya says whatever happens, she should bring back Priyal. Meera says she will bring back her Priyal at any cost.

Kokila calls Sona and asks if Gopi came there. Sona says she is not here, what happened. Kokila says she will call her back and disconnects call. Urmila asks whose phone was it. Sona says Kokila who asked if Gopi came here. Urmila says it is Gopi’s muh dikhayi today, what is happening there. Premila’s friend asks her if Gopi went to US. Premila yells she and her daughter greeted Gopi so well. Kokila asks if she has a daughter also. Mansi comes and wishes ehr hello. Kokila is shocked.

Precap: Premila calls her friends for muh dikhay ritual. Inebriated Gopi starts dancing and singing Saasuji tune meri khadar na jaani.

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