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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Kokila tells family that Dharam is wrongly framed by Meera. Gopi asks if she cannot see Meera’s injuries. Kokila shouts that everyone knows Meera can go to any extent to prove her words and self-inflicted injuries. Meera says she did not do anything. Kokila shouts she wants to withdraw case against innocent Dharam. Ahem says he will not. She shouts if he does not trust his mother. He says he is trusting his daugher this time as he feels she is right. Gaura shouts he is mom’s obedient son, then how can he disobey her. He says he is just following his father’s responsibility. Kokila shouts if he does not obey her words, he should not talk to him and leaves from there, leaving everyone in a shock.

Gaura shouts at Ahem why don’t he agree Kokila. Ahem shouts at her to get out from here. Gaura says she will see him in court now and will destroy his whole family. He says let us meet in court now and she should go from here. Gaura tells Meera that her son is suffering because of her love and if something happens to him, she will punish her.

Meera on bed cries while Dharam in room thinks if Baa met Meera or not, he tought Meera would meet him at any cost, but she did not come yet. Meera reminisces Gaura’s words howmuch Dharam loves her. She also reminisces Vidya’s words that Gopi saved her on time from Dharam. She cries vigorously thinking why did Dharam do it to her, she thought he would change, but he did not. Gopi opens door, sees her sleeping and leaves. Meera continues weeping.

In the morning, Dharam asks Gopi where is Meera. Gopi says she is resting. Hetal says let her rest for some time. Madhuben asks Kokila if she should serve her breakfast. Kokila says Meethi will serve. She gives saris to Sona and says she should wear them from today and perform early morning aarti daily. She continues shouting at family that they will realize later that she is doing right.

Precap will be updated soon.

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