Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th September 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th September 2016 Written Update

The show starts with Premila asking explanation for the cutting of the cable. Kokila says since there is too much noise around and they too need to sleep, the cable has been cut. Premila tries to argue. Kokila says even though the television has gone silent, the noise is still on. And Kokila, Gopi leave.

Jaggi gets his birthday porridge and flavoured milk from Urvashi. They share a nice moment.

Later, Jaggi returns to Modi Home. The twins blindfold him and lead him to the hall. There a party is organized. Jaggi gets emotional and touched.

Jaggi gets a cap, then a cut is cut by him, amidst singing by all ; the scheming trio wake up and find themselves locked in their respective rooms. Krishna gets out from a window and unlocks the other two.

Urmilaa notices the trio trooping upstairs, towards the staircase ; alerts others, the telltale things, like name of Jaggi is removed. The sugary part of the cake which letters of J A G G I are shaped, the twins gobble it off.

Manasi tries to say the today / present day is not Ahem’s birthday, hence the game is up. The mask is off, the true face is out. Manasi also brings out the ten years spent by her with Ahem that she knew Ahem’s birthday.

Kokila then says it is Radha astami according to lunar calendar, Kokila says she is surprised that Manasi did not know.

Later, frustrated Mansi does not take her medications. Premila says they would destroy Gopi. Or words to that effect.

Gopi and the rest all are dressed to go to the function – at the suryavansh home. Finds out Kokila is ill, down with fever. Jaggi, goes to make some drink, having medicinal ingredients.

Gopi stays back to tend Kokila, perhaps, Jaggi too. Rest go out to attend the function.

The mehindi, the ritual before any marriage function is on. Meera gets R engraved without her knowledge, even though she has told Payal to engrave D.

Nayya and Payal pass looks and Meera gets R engraved. Later, Meera asks Dharam to dress up. An agitated Dharam loses cool and takes all his anger on Meera and accuses od her and Ritesh having something going on behind his back. He also says he has brains, not a fool. Much is said.

In between, as Meera raises her palm, Dharam sees the letter R.

As Vidya comes in, conversation / accusations end, as Vidya leaves, Meera also leaves. ! !


The Episode Ends On Gopi’s Face ! ! !

Precap :- Manasi is directing some uniform personal to cook non-veg dishes, for some guests ; Kokila says she would not allow ; Manasi responds that she owns part of the house, hence, kitchen too in half ! !

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