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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Vidya hugs Meera and other family members and leaves with Shravan. Madhuben tries to brainwash Gopi against Kokila and says she should stop trusting Kokila. Gopi says she already warned her not to badmouth against Kokila and says Kokila is angry and cannot stay away from her family for long. Madhuben smirks and thinks Kokila’s behavior will get her away from family.

Modi family sees someone pelting stones on windows and go out to check. Gaura throws stones and shouts at Gopi and Ahem to come down. Whole family gets down. Gaura shouts at Gopi and Ahem how dare they are to send her son behind bars, she bought up her son like a prince and they dared to file complaint against him. Gopi shouts to lower her voice. Gaura says she will destroy her house. Gopi says she cannot even pluck a leaf without her permission. Gaura breaks plant pot and says she broke destroyed whole plant. Ahem gives her one more pot and says she can break even this.

Gaura shouts. Ahem shouts even louder and says she should be happy that Gopi filed only police complaint and did not go to court. She shouts her son is innocent. Ahem says because of her wrong upbringing, her son is behind bars. Gaura tries to slap, Gopi holds her hand and warns her dare not to touch Ahem and says Ahem is quiet as he respects women, else she would have been on floor.

Gaura shouts again. Hetal inteferes and says she should be ashamed to bear a son like Dharam and if her son would have done this heinous act, she would have strangulated him. Gaura then goes to Meera and says Dharam cannot think of misbehaving with her at all and reminds her about sari, hunter, fashion designer, etc., incidents and says he did all this for her as he loves he and she should not punish him for her love. Even in jail, he is worried about her.

Gopi shouts enough of her drama, shows Meera’s injuries and asks how can a normal human do this, this kind of social beast’s place is behind bars. Gaura pleads Meera to punish her and not her son, she can can beat her with hunter and even punch her head over wall, but she should not punsh her dharam. She went to collector, SP, everywhere, but could not get Dharam’s bail and finally came here to plead her. Gopi says it is enough now. Kinjal says why should we listen to her nonsensence and should kick her out.

Precap: Kokila orders Ahem to withdraw complaint against Dharam. Ahem says he will not obey her this time.

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