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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Premlatha locks Gopi’s room from inside and sits inf ront of her. Gaura calls her and informs that Meera, Vidya, and Urmila are coming there and she should hide Gopi before that. Premlatha says she know how to send Gopi to mental hospital before that and laughs evil. She throws water on Gopi and asks Kokila’s blood group. Gopi asks what happened to her maaji. Premlatha says nothing happened to her maaji, but she is in trouble and needs to know blood group. Gopi says her maaji’s blood is different and is superior to her. Premlatha slaps and strangulates her and laughs like rakshas again.

Meera applies bandage to Dharam’s wound. He says she gets concerned as she loves him. She says he got injured because of her, so she is nursing him. He smiles. She asks how much he loves her. He says more than the chillies he sold in life, more than the time spent in wrestling ring, more than ambe maa.. She stops him by placing hand on his mouth.

Premlatha shows video of Gopi biting Ahem’s hand to Kokila. Kokila cries not to trouble her Gopi bahu much. Premlatha says she will send her out for 15 min. Kokila gets happy that she will meet her family and then asks what she is up to. Premlatha says she has to be silent for 15 min and if she utters anything, she will lose her Gopi bahu. She will be in Gopi’s room while doc takes her blood and if she tries to oversmart, Gopi will die. Kokila pleads not to harm her Gopi bahu.

Meera holds Dharam’s hand and takes him to home temple. Gaura sees that and thinks what new drama this teekhi churi/sharp knife will play. Meera asks Dharam if he loves her by heart. He says he told 100 times and says again that he loves her a lot. She asks to take Ambe maa’s oath and tell he loves her. Kokila shouts that drama it is. Dharam holds his hand on lamp and says he loves her a lot. Durga starts crying hearing this. Gaura asks why he is getting mad behind mad girl. Meera takes his hand away from lamp and asks why is he burning it unnecessarily. He asks her to take kanhaji’s oath and tell she does not love him.

Premlatha ties Gopi to bed and Gopi cries to leave her. Premlatha’s goons hold Kokila and show her via window Premlatha torturing.

Dharam asks Meera again to speak. She takes Kanhaji’s oath and says she loves him. He happily asks to repeat. She says I love you. He gets more happy.

Premlatha keeps knife on Gopi’s neck and says if her blood is examined, everyone will know that she is not Kokila, if that happens, she will kill Kokila. Gopi pleads not to kill maaji. Premlatha then orders her to shut her mouth and nod yes.

Precap: Premlatha warns Kokila to do what she says, else she will kill Gopi. Kokila enters home and sees Madhuben with Premlatha.

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