Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th September 2016 Written Update

Premila tells Modi family that she and her children will come and stay in her part of Modi bhavan. Jaggi and others react, but Gopi says let them stay here. Premila says she is intelliget and says Mansi let us go and bring out items soon.

At Dharam’s house, Dharam reminisces Meera and ACP’s closeness and fumes in jealousy. Meera asks Naiya to go and sleep as there will be series of functions from tomorrow. Meera says she will sleep in sometime as she has some work.

Premila tells her children that the have keep a close watch on their enemies, so she planned to stay at Modi bhavan and make Modi family’s life a hell and expose fake Ahem.

Jigar tells family that he is going to US for some work and has booked his up and down ticket. Gopi says Baa, kaaki and others will get tensed if they hear about our problems, so Jigar has to be careful. Kokila says they have to convince Jaggi to keep his calm and not do any blunder. Urmila says she did not see Jaggi anywhere, what if he has eloped. Jai and Veeru says they know where he is and take them all to backyard where Jaggi is doing yoga. Jaggi says he will not eat or speak to anyone and will not help them. Urmila tries to feed him and Jai and Veeru show food plate. Jaggi says he will not eat. Sona says that even Jai and Veeru have not eaten anything. Jaggi sits silently. He gets his mom Urvashi’s call and says he is still alive but may not if he stays more at Modi bhavan, he has not eaten anything also. Urvashi says she is born to eat and has to complete his goal for which he went to Modi bhavan. Jaggi agrees. Urvashi thinks she should not tell how he is related to Modi family and once he helps Modi family should get him back. Jaggi eats food with a drama.

Dharam’s family plays antakshari. Shravan sings. Meera says she will call Dharam to join them. Naiya signals her puppet choreographer who asks Meera to sit and practice song while she calls Dharam. She goes and calls Dharam. Dharam enthusiastically come down but fumes in jealousy seeing Meera and ACP singing a romantic song together.

Jaggi goes to his house and searches laddoos and kheer in kithen. Urvashi thinks he is thief and beats him with broom. He switches on light and says he is her son. She asks why did he come like a thief in his own house. He asks where is laddoo and kheer. She asks if it is his birthday or her shraaad. He says his birthday. She says she forgot. He says he is sure now that she is his stepmother. She says she will prepare kheer and he should never tell that she is his stepmother. Jaggi happily hugs her.

Premila and family watch TV with loud volume. Tolu’s baby girls cry a lot getting irritated with loud volume. Gopi requests Premila to switch off TV, but Premila increases volume. Kokila cuts cable.

Precap: Jai and Veeru blindfold Jaggi and take him for a surprise birthday. Modi family sing happy birthday to you and he cuts cake. Premila hears voice and peeps from door.

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