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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th October 2015 Written Update

Vidya holding Kokila’s pic says she will never insult her dadi. Gaura laughs that she let her see pic today, but she will not from next. Dharam yells that he will torture her like a hell. Ahem shouts to shut up. Gaura laughs again and says his situation is like a cricket player who hits 2 sixers and then just bats like a joker, he lost both his daughters and can be just a spectator now. Ahem shouts that they cannot harm his daughter as he will take her from here right now.

Kinjal tells Gopi that though they have a lot of differences, she is on her side this time and cannot believe Meera betrayed them. Gopi says she is worried that Meera will realize her mistake very late.

Ahem says he will not let her daughter stay here for a second and says let us go beta. Meera gets happy and extends her hand. Ahem says let us go Vidya. Meera gets sad and withdraws her hand. Gaura with Dharam smirks and says he is a duffer and will always be, his elder daughter slapped her daadi’s photo will slipper already and says he is very unlucky that he got such a crook daughter who insulted her daadi. Ahem says she is always wrong, Meera is dead for him and does not care what she does. Vidya asks not to say that. Ahem holds her hand and drags her out while she pleads to stop and listen to her. Gaura and Dharam start brainwashing Meera that her papa does not care for her at all. Vidya stops Ahem.

Kokila tells Gopi that Ahem cannot bring Vidya as she will not come, she is replica of Gopi and will not come back without Meera.

Ahem asks Vidya not to get adamant and come with her as he cannot leave her alone here. She asks who told she is alone and takes her to home temple.

Gaura worriedly tells Kokila that she is sure something wrong is happening at Gaura’s house, she can tolerate someone insulting her but not Ahem, so she will have to go there.

Vidya demonstrates lord Krishna and Ambe’s idols and says kanhaji and ambe maa are together with her to guard here. Dharam laughs that mom and daughter are extremely self-assured. Gaura says she is quite self-assured like chatanki, but forgot that she’s standing towards her. Ahem says after they can torture her a lot of in front of him, whatever they can perform in his absence and claims he has resolved she is going to have him. Gopi says she has to visit Gaura’s household and rushes. Vidya stops him again and asks him to sit on couch. Dharam pushes chair and he falls down. Gopi also fall down at Modi dwelling. Dharam taunts Ahem that he are not able to control himself, then how will he Command his two daughters. Kokila receives up Gopi and asks if she is fine. Gopi cries that Ahem is by yourself there and he or she must go. Kokila asks to regulate herself. Baa claims Krishna will handle almost everything. Kokila touches Gopi’s forehead and states she’s acquiring significant fever.

Gaura jokes with Dharam that Ahem is the two his samdhi and sasur, so he has to treat him very well. She calls servant and asks him to take a seat on chair. He asks how can he sit. He hesitates, but sits when she shouts. Gaura says only respectables sit right here and he or she displays outsider their area. Shravan shouts.

Precap: Vidya convey maati ki chowki/god’s chair and claims her mom and dad are her god and her papa can sit on maata ki chowki.

Written Update By Sahir


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