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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gopi calls Premlatha and asks her why she is troubling her so much, why don’t she finish it once for all. Premlatha laughs and says now she will attack one final time.

Kinjal cleans Hetal’s scalp and shouts she will confront Gopi, how can she misbehave like this. Tolu says they should. Hetal says Gopi is bahu and beti of this house and would never do this. They all hear Gopi laughing outside, run out and are shocked to see Gopi walking on railing and saying she is enjoying it. Everyone request her to get down. Kokila hears her voice and gurgles. Gopi sees tank lid a bit open, prays god what to do now, and then slips and falls. Ahem holds her on time. Premlatha asks Madhuben why she is showing concern for Gopi. Madhuben says she wants Gopi to die for killing Radha. Gopi shouts at Ahem how dare he is to touch her and runs into house. Kokila thanks god that Gopi bahu is safe.

Gopi runs into her room and ties her dupatta to ceiling fan to hang over it. Family hear chair falling sound, peep into window, rush in and get her down. She shouts at them to get out. They forcefully tie her to bed.

Dharam engraves Meera’s name on heart shape and thinks he will gift it to Meera on valentine’s day. Meera watches him while passing by his room. Vidya joins her and they both are about to leave when Gaura stops them and asks where are they going. Meera says to her parent’s house. Gaura shouts to go and do household chores. Meera lights match stick. Gaura shouts in fear. Meera says she is informing her and not taking permission and leaves with Vidya.

Premlatha tells family that Gopi has gone mad and they should call psychiatrist. Gopi says this was her plan to send her to mental hospital.

Precap: Premlatha says Gopi she is her maaji. Gopi says she is lier and says family that this woman has kidnapped maaji.

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