Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online
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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th October 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gopi gets worried for Meera and Vidya and Kokila consoles her. Meera wearing shorts comes to Gaura’s garden. Gaura is busy adding manure to plants. Meera passes by rose and catcus plants and thorns prick her legs. She starts writhing in pain. Gaura enjoys watching her in pain. She places cactus on her way purposefully and asks her to bring rose pot. Meera bends to pick it and gets pricked by cactus thorns. Gaura purposefully touches her wounds with salt smeared hands and Meera shouts. Gaura then asks servant to bring medicine.

Shravan cries reminiscing Vidya. Durga asks if he is thinking of Vidya and says since he loves Vidya so much, Vidya will forgive him soon.

Meera writhes in suffering observing her leg wounds and thinks she should really use shalwar kameez to accomplish Gaura’s household rituals. She opens cabinet and sees saris and denims. Dharam enters and taunts her that he instructed her intelligence is down below her ankles and she must acknowledge her defeat and start carrying saris. He calls Durga and asks her to receive Meera Completely ready shortly. Durga can help her get ready and says she may be very attractive and lucky. Meera asks what does she suggest. Durga says her sister enjoys her a great deal and arrived back for her. Meera fumes and asks her to go from there.

Vidya phone calls Kokila informs about Gaura’s ritual. Kokila asks her to watch out as Gaura may be very cruel and should have planned some thing.

Shravan asks Vidya if he can help her. She says she would not betrayer’s aid. Gaura orders Durga to deliver her bahu and sautan. She phone calls them each. Gaura claims the same as some families have ritual of going for walks on kumkum h2o and stamping hand on wall, she incorporates a ritual of slapping wall with slipper. She asks Meera to slap wall initial. Meera asks what is guiding curtain. Gaura suggests absolutely nothing, it is simply their ritual. Meera slaps wall thrice with slipper. Gaura then asks Vidya to slap wall. Vidya can take slipper and states she hopes to see exactly what is driving wall.

Precap: Vidya is shocked to see Kokila’s photo at the rear of curtain on wall and says she won’t ever slap her grandma’s Image with slipper.

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