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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Hetal goes to Tolu/molu’s room, sees them ready in kurta pajama and says their in-laws will get mesmerized with their charm. They both smile and say they will come down in a minute.

Ahem leaves for office greeting Gopi. Kokila says Ahem’s regained his confidence because of Gopi. Gopi says it is Kanhaji’s blessings. Gopi then thinks of speaking to Sona and asking her opinion about Tolu.

Sona calls her aide, gets into Tolu/molu’s room, hits molu’s head thinking him as Tolu, stuffs him in gunny bag and gets him out of house with her aide’s help. Tolu comes out of washroom and sees Molu missing.

Gopi comes to Sona’s room and does not find her. She sees cupboard open and sees her clothes missing.

Guard stops Sona and her aide. Sona hits his head with rod, gets into tempo and thinks she is taking what she wants, looking at gunny bag with Molu.

Meera brings milk for Dharam. Dharam says now with Baa changing, they can live with Modi family peacefully now and nobody can come in between them. Meera gets nervous and leaves.

Gopi informs family that Sona is missing. Madhuben calls Sona who says she will never come back. Kokila snatches mobile and switches on speaker. Sona says she is eloping with the person she loves.

Meera goes to lawn and thinks Dharam is biggest problem for her now, the more she is trying to get away from him, more he is coming closer to her. Gaura comes and pricks her finger on rose plant. Meera shouts in pain. Gaura says every problem has 2 solution, either to face it or let it go.

Tolu informs family that Molu is not in room and even his phone is switched off. Watchman comes running and informs that some people were carrying someone in a gunny bag. Jigar asks if they were carrying Molu. He says he does not know and gives mobile phone. Jigar says this is Molu’s phone.

Kokila alleges Madhuben that she came with a mission to rule this house by getting Molu trapped in Sona’s love. Madhuben starts her overacting and says she will leave this house. Gopi starts and says maa you cannot go and asks Kokila not to allege her mother, it is time to find Molu first. Hetal also says same. Kokila says Madhuben she cannot go from her house until Molu is found. She asks Gopi and Jigar to go and search Molu. Tolu says even he will accompany.

Precap: Jigar finds mobile on road and shows it to Tolu. Tolu says it is Sona’s.

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