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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Imposter Kokila slaps Gopi and asks her to get some ghee for her to apply Kokila’s mask. Gopi searches ghee. Imposter blows temple lamp and herself applies ghee on her face and wears Kokila’s mask. Ahem enters and requests Kokila to come home. Kokila says she got angry seeing recent events at home, but her Gopi bahu convinced her to return home.

Vidya sees Durga pressing Gaura’s legs and stops her. She says papa told she will get respect in this house from hereon. Shravan enters and says Vidya is right, he saw always Baaji insulting maa since childhood. He wants maa and Vidya’s respect in this house. Gaura starts taunting them that servant asked when she is getting greatgrandchild. Shravan shouts to stop stooping so low. Gaura says servant told whenever she goes to clean house, she does not see bedsheet crumbled. Vidya starts crying. Gaura continues that a woman is waste if her husband does not like to touch her. Shravan continues shouting. Gaura says she is telling truth. Vidya goes to her room and cries in front of Shravan that she cannot see him suffering because of her. He hugs her and she continues crying on his shoulder.

Ahem comes home. Gopi thinks of telling him truth. Fake Kokila enters and says she fell in water and Gopi saved her, etc.. She asks him to bring her medicine. He goes out. Fake Kokila asks Gopi how dare she is to try to tell truth to her husband and slaps and kicks her repeatedly. She shows Kokila’s torturing video and says if she exposes her in front of everyone, her maaji will be given electric shock. She orders her to touch her feet now. Gopi touches her feet. Ahem enters and asks what is she doing. Fake says Gopi bahu is taking her blessings. Ahem gives her medicine and leaves. Kokila orders Gopi to keep her mouth shut if she wants her maaji safe.

Precap: Urmila comes to her house. Real Gaura from inside makes gurgling sound. Urmila hears her.

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